Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Healthy Skin- The importance of makeup

Alot of people think makeup is bad for your skin. The truth is, it isn't. Makeup is a shield, protecting us from the UV rays from the sun especially in the polluted areas we live in, the climate change etc. 
Makeup is only bad for you if you do not look after what it lives on by rotatively cleansing, toning and moisturising in the morning and evening. 

People of Colour
I bet you would have never even thought for a second (unless you already know) women of colours cases in skin cancer is rising over the years. In fact, its at a very rapid and high rate particularly in developed countries such as Europe and the States. and although the climate tends to be colder, the pollution is higher than in the Mediterranian, Caribbean and most parts of Africa.
People of colour tend to think that sunshine would not harm our skin because we originate from hot countries, but to be honest, we are not back home in Africa, so the suns radar is completely different in European climates.

Caucasian Skin
White skin does not have as much layers of skin as coloured, therefore even though you are not from hot climate weather, its extremely essential to protect your skin.
For all skin conditions/colours, Sun Protection Factors are useful, (SPF) and nowadays all makeup contains SPF to protect skin from the climate.

It is not the case for ALL of you to run out and buy makeup, but the main advise is to PROTECT your skin (particularly your face as it is constantly exposed), with not any ordinary Palmers Cocoa Butter or vaseline or Razac! Our skin simply needs a barrier such as moisturising lotion, rose water, orange water, that extra hold to block away from being disturbed.  Even more protection is that extra layer of makeup.

Thanks for reading ;)
On my next blog I would talk more in depth on what brands of lotions are not good and what is good.


  1. Since your skin is the barrier between you & the outside world it gets exposed to all kinds of threats throughout the day that it fends off. Read here

  2. Since your skin is the barrier between you & the outside world it gets exposed to all kinds of threats throughout the day that it fends off. I loved this

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