Monday 11 April 2011


Ask me if there is anything out of the entire beauty regime that I love and what I think is a MUST that needs to be done is delightfully defined eyebrows!
I can walk out with no foundation, lipgloss, eye make up however, eyebrows is an absolute importance to me. 
I love good brows.... whatever the shape or size, it is important that they are well defined and shaped to my satisfaction! 
Ama Toffee's sponsored trip to Congo allowed me to analyse the Congolese beauties and how they kept their brows groomed, I must say I was quite impressed... however, some brows were a bit OTT for my liking, but at least some of these ladies made an attempt. At the Fashion show 'Glamour Authentique' 'Shadders' snapped some closeup of our work and some of the models eyebrows...

Above are two pictures of before and after of brow makeovers I done in Congo. There is no hair removal used, just MAC... STUD brow pencil and concealer. This is pretty much my everyday eyebrow grooming method which I tend to use on all clients.

Eyebrows in Congo by Mili Mouk (Congolese makeup artist)
Her brows are inspiring, so exaggerated, thick and outrageous but that explains how Congolese women love their makeup. I was intrigued with how brave Mili is when draw eyebrows. When I uploaded these some of these pics to face book, most people commented on the outstanding eyebrows.

So I decided to go a bit 'Pat Mcgrath' lol, my favourite makeup artist of all time! However I did not stick on the eyebrows as she usually does, I drew it on with black kohl liner and below is the result...

This young lady has her eyebrows drawn on and then tinted to created such a defined arc, I was honestly impressed!

Me applying eyebrow pencil on a model at 'Glamour Authentique'


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