Tuesday 19 April 2011

Eyelashes, hair and nails....... Congo style!

Continuing from the Congo Brazzaville series.... I couldn't wait to meet the models for the show. I just wondered what they were going to be and look like, in their personalities, appearance and attitudes. Finally meeting them a day before the show the first thing I noticed is how 'glam' they were... what I mean by 'glam' is their hairstyles, eyelashes, makeup, nails...... in fact these Congolese beauties are not far from the average black british, african or west indian girl! I didn't expect to see some sad village girl.... LOL, but I kind of expected a bit more of embracing the Congolese culture, especially since travelling the streets of Congo all I practically came across was african tradition almost everywhere this goes to show ....no matter where you are, girls will be girls These girls go ALL OUT! I couldn't help but notice their long, bright, colourful acrylics.... very similar to how the 'yardies' do their nails!! Individual eyelashes, weave and braids in all sorts of colours...! Slick, up do's with afros and long pony tails, nose pierces, belly button piercings... I was fascinated!

Nail ART

Congolese people LOVE colour, art, exaggeration, standing out and boldness... 

One thing of the African culture that was vividly is their expertise in braiding. I was so fascinated to see how well and creatively braided their hair was... they wanted to make a statement... Ghana braids, cornrow and single plaits reigned at 'Glamour Authentique' What also stunned me was the traditional thread- it amazingly looks 'high fashion' to me, I can easily see it at London Fashion Week now! I looked at this article http://www.cameroonechoes.org/bring-back-the-thread-vintage-african-hair-style-pics/ and found it inspiring exploring different styles of threaded hairstyles that has now been wiped away by contemporary weaves and plaits....

 False eyelashes lately have come increasingly popular in the Western world, but this Congolese ladies have caught up to us! Below is some snips of a model who allowed us to take a good look at her lashes. They are individual eyelashes, well intact and looking very natural, she told us they used bonding glue to apply it!



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