Friday, 22 April 2011

Fashion show looks

Fashion show makeup 
Backstage at 'Glamour Authentique' I literally improvised! I didn't come prepared! What I was told however was not to be precise as the Congolese love boldness and colour, so this was my chance to have fun with makeup and make it an art.... I felt like i was doing 'carnival' makeup, it was exciting!! I took inspiration from Mili Mouk as her artistry is very exaggerated, bold and creative. I made up a total of 17 models on the night out of 30... Mili done the others.... If you look at some of my designs, most of them were pretty simple, there was simply no way to fit in 17 models and do detailed looks at the time offered, I done simple but effective blends and used gems/rhinestones to beautify the look... hope it worked!

Check out some of the images below of some of my contribution towards the makeup backstage.

A peculiar, fish type style that literally put itself together, whilst I drew on the makeup....

The flame also came about through colour,
 I wanted to contrast the metallic colours with her dark skin
Fired lips!!! I have never thought to do a theme like this but, I got excited
and wanted to go wild... I can easily see this image at Notting hill carnival!

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This look came about because this model was upset and was crying... so I told her she inspired me to do this look and she smiled!



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