Wednesday 13 April 2011

Holiday Makeup.... Congo venture continued...!

A lot of people ask me before they travel to a hotter climate what makeup to wear. There is a variety, me personally to be totally honest prefer either nothing or a light tinted or brightening moisturiser. I just don't want the hassle of sweating and caking and it getting on clothes etc etc. However, you are bound to want to have a day wear you pancake your face well! And for the sake of photographs.... i have to add a touch to my face!  Its not to say whilst i travelled to Congo I didn't wear any makeup! As you may know I was involved in a major makeup event in Brazzaville 'Glamour Authentique' and of course I had to freshen up with makeup... its only right!

Perfect holiday makeup
Avoid using 'liquid' or 'creamed' foundation at all costs, it'll only run and becoming smudgy throughout the duration of the day.
-Instead use a loose or pressed powder.... but be careful with the coverage of pressed powder as it can become very caked if too much applied. (In the pictures below I used Iman pressed powder which is very very light if applied with a fantail brush rather than a powder brush)
I am not too much of an eyeshadow person, I like simple eyeliner and enhanced eyebrows.    I guess that is good for holidays as its not so stressful to do! However if you are going for a nice tropical look, its nice to have some interesting blends with bright colours, also don't forget to compliment the colours with your outfit! 

Cheeks: The usual! Mine is by 'Sleek- Apricot' using a slant powder brush to create that high cheek bone effect! #Diva!

Lips: I believe lipgloss will do for me... its simple, easy to apply after you have eaten, brightens your teeth when you smile in that wonderful weather and gives you that perfect pout if you use a similar coloured lip pencil

No makeup! my perfect holiday makeup! its not all the time we must wear makeup, some times let your skin breathe but make sure you C-T-M 'CLEANSE TONE AND MOISTURISE' , vaseline on lips or lipgloss will do and groom your brows. If you are not too brave to have nothing on, a light coverage of loose powder will do!

Me and Mili just after our national news broadcast. Our makeup was quite vibrant yet subtle. #Class Eyebrows enhanced, minimal eyes and lip makeup with blusher perfect for our skin tone.

Nothing dramatic..... simple yet attractive makeup was fine for me

Using YSL Lip gloss.... i am yet to blog on this gloss so look out for it!

Classic example of holiday makeup- fresh, lightly covered powder, your favourite lipgloss colour and your usual blusher tone, and kohl liner on the waterline. This lady is likely to not have smudges or run throughout the heat of the day!

Slightly more caked as using a powder brush as I said before... but this is for the evening as we were getting ready for the big show!!!

Stay tuned..... more congo blogs coming..!



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