Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ama Toffees: Wishlist for the Makeup Show NYC

I have finally got my ticket to go to 'The Makeup Show' NYC, the dates are for the 15th and 16th May at Metropolitan Pavilion. The show is kind of like the IMATS, and will be filled with almost all the best makeup firms in the industry such as MAC, Dinair, Inglot, Graftobian, Kryolan, Nars and many many more.

So I have been preparing my wishlist for months now as I want my moneys worth and hopefully it would be cheaper than the prices in the UK!

As my kit is already full of MAC products I am just topping up....
138: Tapered Face Brush

I tried this out as a client of mine introduced it to me, and I fell in love with it! Its so nice and soft, and the application is superb and gives an even finish with powder, this brush can also be used for a circled blush application rather than an angled look. The retail price is $52... lets hope it is reduced at the fair!

Long awaited, I kept avoiding this palette, but I think I may finally invest!
Pro palette 15 x refill
Retail price $26.50
i have to put a question mark on that one as UK price is £11! Lets see what the show tells us!
You can then pick and mix different shades to add to your own palette. Perfect for a pro artist!



My FAVOURITE eyebrow groomer in the world! I am constantly topping up on this, I use for all my clients and myself and I am not changing!!
Retails price: $15

Best eyelash glue I have found so far $6!

I am curious on the look of this, I would purchase it and see if it really 'brightens'! In my opinion it may not be useful for dark skin, but who knows?! Lets try it out! $40

I want to purchase this tint for MYSELF not my kit!! The coverage is fascinating. $29.50 

Excellent base for foundation wether its powder of liquid, this is the stuff! $26.50


This makeup company is more theatrical... I am interested in buying products for the creative side of my kit.

MUST HAVE blusher palette! I sooo want this in my kit, every colour is pretty much available... lets hope the price is great!
Aqua Colour eyeshadow palette...

When I first saw this shop at Westfield London, I fell in love! The 'Freedom System' gives you a chance to pick and choose different shades of foundation, blush, lipstick, eyeshadows... its very versatile!

I wish to get lipstick shades............
Freedom- lip palette... I WANT!

That is half of my list! there are still other companies to look at! I also have not heard of some other ones and would like to explore... I will definitely take pics of the fair and may be a video diary...! I will keep you updated! For more details look up



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