Monday 30 May 2011

Indian Wedding in New Jersey (bridal makeup)

So, my first ever makeup for an Indian wedding wasn't in London but in New Jersey! I was so happy to assist makeup artist Naz Beauty for this wedding... with 5 stunning bridesmaids and a gorgeous bride. 
I made up four bridesmaids whilst Naz worked on the bride, mother of brides, sister in law and others.
The event was held at the grande Hyatt hotel in New Jersey, Brunswick and the preparation was all in the bridal suite. 

3 bridesmaids

As we may all know, Asians, are not afraid of colour.... they are bold with golds reds and anything bright.  As all weddings, these bridesmaids had their preferences, with still using lots of colour for eye makeup but in a subtle way.

Bridesmaids makeup:
Using gold shimmer gold dust by Barry M.. I covered the entire eyelid, gold.
In the outter V of the lid, I blended in a subtle green taken from my 120 palette. 
In the tear duct and inner corner of the eyelid I used, a shimmery red and blended with the gold. 
We did no emphasis on the eyebrows, as it was well threaded prior to preparation and as they have thick hairs, no filling was necessary. 
I then applied mascara with eyeliner on top and bottom lash line with a small flick. 
Cheeks, were very a subtle pink with lipstick a nude/pinkish lip colour- Shade 3 from MUA.
I finished off with MAC translucent powder.

I used the same look on all bridesmaids, notice how the makeup used vibrant colours but in a nice subtle way just how they liked it. 


Stunning mother of bride, getting hair done by Farah.

All these colours were so outstanding!

So lovely to see their sari's lovely bold colours- amazing


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