Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Best of Skin Care- must haves..

This is my latest haul on products from The Body Shop and Superdrugs ranging from masks to cleanser, purifiers, toners, skin creams, SPF lotions and exfoliators.
All products are good enough for men and women and vary with different types of skin types.

The Body Shop, UK

Hydrate your skin
This amazing skin butter leaves your skin hydrated and sheer for the entire day. It is a personal favourite of mine and has been for years, my initial fragrance was 'Brazil nut' with the same consistency and similar scent to the Coconut showed in the pictures below. This cream is perfect for dry skin as it contains natural oils including Trade organic virgin coconut oil.
Coconut Body Butter: 200 ml- £8.00 or 2 for £15

Keep your skin healthy and smooth by cleansing toning and moisturising. Particularly for women who are makeup wearers, allow your skin to breathe by using quality aloe vera products on your skin. When buying a brand, its better to stick to the same range so your skin gets used to a particularly type of brand. The scent less range with a aloe vera not only lives your skin looking healthy but feels fresh unto the skin. Here is the choice of Aloe vera brand from The Body Shop, good for hydrating and cleansing the skin-
Aloe calming facial cleanser:200 ml- £7.00
Aloe calming toner: 200 ml- £7.00
Aloe Soothing day cream 100 ml- £9.00

Sun protective factor Moisturiser
After spending over £15 at The Body Shop today, i got this free Vitamin C 'Daily Moisturiser SPF 30. The scent of this moisturiser is of a sweet orange scent, it is to be used straight after using your daily serum.
Retail price is: £11 for 50 ml

A thick mask for those who want to get rid of filth clogged in pores from built up of daily makeup and to also get rid of dead skin. This mask is 3 in 1, a cleanser, purifier and an exfoliator. Leave on skin till it is hardened then scrub of exfoliator with warm water to unveil you smooth, fresh skin. The mask is best for skin types normal to oily skin. As it has an exfoliator, its not best for dry skin as this could incur more flaky skin. 
Blue corn 3 in 1 DEEP CLEANSING MASK: 100 ml- £9.00

A fruity choice- MASK
These drug store masks are a winner for me, as it simply does the job, giving you a refreshing, healthy and smooth skin. They come in a variety of scents from strawberry to chocolate to cucumber, aloe vera and many more. When applying it gives you a nice cooling sensation which you leave on for 10-20minutes until it dries completely, you then slowly peel of the mask to reveal your smooth skin.
Retail price: £1 each from Superdrugs



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