Wednesday 28 September 2011

Autumn Is here!

My favourite season is Autumn.... its not too hot, not too cold... skin isn't as dry or oily..... in fact the most thing I love about the season is the ability to be versatile, any fashion trend can me worn... a lot of makeup trends can also be experimented.
This Autumn/Winter, I have been researching and also putting together myself some wearable makeup trends that allow you to have a different look EVERY single day!
Check out my most favourite makeup wears for this season:

I am in love with keeping a fresh face for the season being cool/calm toned lipstick very similar to your actual skin complexion, almost giving the illusion that you're cold.... slightly weird but also edgy, and if your into recent trends, this subtle look can really stand out...less is more!

L'oreal's nude lipstick in 253 blush in Nude (for caucasion achieve a dual tone look with this lipshade)

Bobbi Browns lip colour in ''Chocolate'' (for Darker skin achieve a dual tone look with this lipshade)

Wear a similar shade lipstick to your foundation, to achieve a one tone look!

Use cold colours with shimmer and glitter, such as metallic blues, silvers, and gold metallics. This is a popular look on the runway and beauty fashion stories in magazines at the moment for the winter, very useful to you if you work in the fashion industry. Such colours also are dazzling for the winter, christmas and New Year!

Barry M Dazzle Dust Metallic colours are highly pigmented and can achieve bold eyeshadow blends.

Benefit Cosmetics 'High Beam' is a lovely illuminise/metallic highlighter for cheekbones and any over areas requiring highlight, use 'Moon Beam' for darker skin shades

Just because its autumn/winter doesn't mean we have to wear dark makeup colours, keep it fresh and bright with colours such as oranges and baby pinks.... 

Estee Lauders Pure Colour in Orange Poppy can make a great bright A/W colour

Darks- Berries, Plums, purples, blues and deep Reds
Have a sultry look with deep colours this season, giving you a sassy feminine look. Deeper and darker reds, almost berry colours can really draw attention to your makeup- when using lipstick, try adding similar shade gloss or clear to add sheen to the look

Be different this Autumn and wear a coloured mascara, enhance the colour in your eyes with a plumed colour mascara by Benefit Cosmetics.

Deep Berry Lip Colour by MAC is what every girl needs in their autumn/winter collection- can be worn day, night, and for any skin complexion- stand out with this bold lip colour

Blend a rich purple like this from Nars- 'Daphne' with a matte black powder eyeshadow and create a bold purple smokey look.

Have a view of my videos on Autumn/Winter makeup on the links below

Part 1:

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