Saturday, 22 October 2011

5 Different Eyebrow Shapes

High Brows: For the diva and dramatic girl! High brows accentuate your eye shape making the eyes pull back as if your hair had been tied in a tight high bun. The look really goes well with a lovely metallic gold or silver highlight on the brow bone.

Curved Brow- this is a subtle and more natural way of brow application, avoid this look if you have a really round face or eye shape. 

Straight brows: This brow look is for those who have a long face and want a more oval shaped face- also if you have round eyes, a straight brow can accentuate it slightly. Try not to be so harsh with the pencil application as it may make it have a slightly angry or manly looking brow!

Half Brow:
Ensure to apply slightly thin, highly unrecommended for chubby/big faces. This brow is better for small eyes.



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