Monday, 21 November 2011

Black Beauty and Hair Magazine Spread

Another month, another issue! And I am featured in Black Beauty and Hair Magazine AGAIN, this time with a double page spread... 'Winter Goth', grap a copy from your local newsagents and WHSMITHS nationwide for only £2.75 to view this wonderful feature based on some hot trends for the fall and winter.... you might just pick up an idea for a Christmas look!
Thank you so much everyone who supported my front cover with Black Beauty and Hair magazine last issue! Please show your support again :) x

Photographer: Derek Blanks
Hair: Stephanie Harris
Makeup: Chanel Boateng (Ama Toffee)
Model: Alasia Ballard

Photographer: Agata Preyss
Hair: Kirby Debords
Makeup: Chanel Boateng (Ama Toffee)
Models: Annabelle and Debrina



  1. hi i love this post, i read this magazine all the time
    , i really like you blog i think that you are very talented and that it is amazing , and it would be really nice if you took a look at it
    ps. you are really talented


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