Friday 16 December 2011

Christmas Makeup Gift Ideas- Eyes

Top tips for great makeup pressies!

1) I would not advice to buy people foundation, concealer, colour corrector or anything that involves colour and tone matching- unless you are absolutely 1000000% sure of their tone!
2) For face presents, stick to eyeshadows and lipsticks, glosses etc- and if you know the person well you know the type of colour they will rock mostly!
3) When buying makeup with colour i.e blush, lipstick, try and stick to either neutral or something that can be worn all year round as makeup lasts long and you wouldn't want them not wearing it.
4) If you are buying face care- don't be insulting and purchase them Clearasil if you know your friend has bad acne! Invest in perhaps a Face Primer or Base or a mild soap, or try not to buy lip exfoliator if you know your friend suffers from chapped lips- I am sure they know the problem they have!
5) Presentation is key: Makeup usually comes in small packages so wrapping isn't necessary- get a cute little bag with a ribbon and it would put a smile on their face :)! And please do at all times remember to take off the price label attached.

 Something for the eyes..........
 -Eyeshadow-A set like this 4 in 1 palette is great as their are options of colours too choose from. Many other brands do eyeshadow colour sets like Bobbi Brown, Chanel and YSL. Here is one from Illamasqua
Most palettes also sell individual of the sets which are slightly cheaper in price. Check out the images below.

4 in 1 Palette- £30

Illamasqua- Enrapture- £17.50

Illamasqua - Superior- £17.50
Illamasqua- Resolute- £17.50

-Mascara is always a great gift, what ever the time of year- and because I am old fashioned and a fan of classics- I would definitely give a friend Christian Diors original wonder wand mascara 'Diorshow Black Out Mascara' - £22, anyone would appreciate this gift espeically if you take advantage of their gift wrapping service!

-Anything KOHL and try and keep it black and not other fancy colours unless you know they are the type to wear bold authentic colours- Everyone loves enhancement to their waterline ;).
MAC- 'Smoulder'- £13.00

Lastly, I would not advice on purchasing eyebrow pencils because, your Eyebrows weirdly are quite personal! Everyone has their own method to what they like to use on their brows- and usually have a routine they know and stick to. If you would like to offer a gift for eyebrows- grooming tools will be great! Benefit Cosmetics are specialist in brow operations! Here are some options to help you.
Benefit Cosmetics- 'Tweezer man'- £19.50

Tweezer Man for Benefit Lash Curler- £15.50

Tweezer Man for Benefit Brow Shaping- £9.50



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