Tuesday 3 January 2012

Beauty Timeline (2)

There were no limits to makeup at this point, lipliner were a different colour from your lipstick colour, no boundaries to the amount of blusher you can have on, full colour eyeshadow reaching as high as the eyebrow, different coloured kohl eyeliner and contouring techniques got deeper! Hair also was whatever you liked it to be- the mohawk reigned in the 80's- women approached the androgynous style mostly rocked by Grace Jones- shaved sides and long hair in different colours. The era of the 'rebel' apparently- but the most talked about element in the 80's which i won't get into is the phenomenol 'fashion'- we can't get enough of it even now!



The 90's shocked me in terms of makeup as it dramatically stopped being so 'dramatic'! Hardly any eyeshadow, lips were a nude colour or brown, no blush, eyebrows were boring and hardly touched, the only dear product and if you have been following this series every era has embraced this product is mascara. Black women loved using black kohl lipliner and then lipgloss, metallic lipstick colours also like gold, silver and bronze and plum colours.
However- afro hair had rapid hairstyling and changes, ranging from the braids, cornrows, china bumps (now known as bantu knots), finger waves, hair relaxing, hair extensions were starting to become widely used- but the european hair scene seemed some what boring- the most attractive hairstyling were the highlights, and 'layers' or feathering. Women embraced fragrance and perfume so much more at this point also. Black women were more creative than european women in this era, perhaps because they really made an impact in the previous era's it was time to chill out!

Early 2000's

The eye flick and kohl eyeliner came back, women now love dark eyeshadow colours such as black, brown and navy. False lashes, false nails- acrylics and french manicures. Blending eyeshadow techniques are embraced more and the hair scene as gone weave mad! Human hair became a favourite as supposed to the synthetic hair which reigned in the 90's... later on women start to wear 'natural hair' which I would address in the next section. I am not a fan of celebrities but honestly.... Victoria Beckham (especially her!) really showed us how to rock that graduated bob!! You will find in the more modern eras, that women 'run out of ideas!' and now embrace hairstyles and makeup techniques from the previous eras mentioned... elements from the 80's, 60's and as far back as the 20's were used.

Modern Day (Now)

The classic beauty look is the smokey eye looks, and the greatest thing is you don't only have to use dark colours but blend with different colours also, eyebrows are now closely paid attention to, false lashes are adored and we now wear lipstick as if we are in the 1940s. The greatest thing about beauty now is people are paying most attention to their skin- thanks to bloggers and vloggers who show us how to use cleansers, toners, moisturisers etc, women now take care of there skin before makeup application. Women are also becoming more professional towards themselves and using makeup brushes, applicators etc, learning techniques for themselves to achieve flawless beauty.
In terms of hair- the 'natural weave' scene has gone crazy, everyone including the European hair are wearing brazilian, Peruvian, Indian hair which although pricey, can be reused. Hairstyles are not only one classic look but embracing vintage looks, messy hairdo's- long hair do's, bobs, bangs, short hair, shaved hair, dyed hair.... a bit of everything!


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