Saturday 14 January 2012

Behind the scenes: Premier Models for Vogue Italia

When I see high fashion models, I easily get excited! Our shoot for was amazing, I think one of my best shoots till date. We have a futuristic, femme fatale theme happening, and the best thing about using agency models is there experience behind the camera just brings almost every shot to life. I don't know any other exciting job than mine- working in fashion has always been on my heart hence why I studied Media and arts from high school. I never thought I will end up engaging in such exciting shoots with talented individuals who all have similar mind sets as I do. 
S/S 2012 our team aim to do lots of amazing shoots- as always. I will keep you all updated.

Agata Preyss (photographer)- taking that money shot!

I don't actually know any other talented European Hair designer than Kasia! I love her!

Makeup-Chanel Boateng, Hair Kasia Fortuna (Radiant Hair Salon)

This is our other Premier model- so humble and down to earth- and she can model!

Haha, Agata is now a makeup artist!! She said 'she felt good' putting make up on a model!

This is nothing- wait until you see the edited versions...

Futuristic shoots- all Styling by Erica Matthews

That wind machine again....!

Look at that pose! 

I love this model- creative body movements throughout the shoot.



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