Tuesday 3 January 2012

Happy New Year! - Beauty Timeline

This New Year I am celebrating makeup and beauty by looking back at where beauty has come from (in modern day society) up until present day. Although makeup has been around for almost for thousands of years, what most appeals to me is makeup starting from the 1920's....


Your typical 'flapper' girl- short wavy dark hair, cut crease eyeshadow, dark brows and dark red lips with pale skin. Ladies loved the use of mascara and also eyeliner. This 1920's trend carried on into the 30's however, now embracing hair dye and going blond- but still loved the short hair above the jawline look. Billy Holiday was a classic example of ethnic styling makeup and hair- thin eyebrows and dark lips and pale skin (as women liked to look fairer!)


My personal favourite makeup and beauty era EVER, was that of the 40's-50's, they were like the cutest girls ever! The classic red lips which is officially back in trend thank God! Pale, smooth blemish free skin- the packed on powder, thicker eyebrows and subtle eyes. This is my personal favourite look- not screaming I hate wearing so much eye colours, yet adding definition with contour and highlighting techniques. Mascara was the favourite makeup tool ever at the time and less eyeliner was being used, some looks had powder blush, some didn't - you were free to do the look according to your own preference and one thing I loved about this era is how all men were in the war, yet girls still felt the need to wear makeup indoors and make themselves feel good!


Makeup was more colourful at this point, its not only red lipstick worn but we have gold lipstick, pink, nude colours and although lipgloss was launched in 1930's its only now women would embrace it more, women didn't have the same look, and everyone is trying something different and more tailored to there own look. Twiggy was well known for her big puppy dog eyes and her use of mascara not only on the top lashes but boldly presented on the lower lashes.
The hairstyles became drastic and by the late 70's afro's became bigger and fuller and thanks to Diana Ross, beehives were a favourite in the 60s particularly.



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