Monday, 9 January 2012

Premier Model Management Test: Rachael

 Model Name: Rachael
Agency: Premier Model Management
Photographer: Agata Preyss
Makeup: Chanel Boateng
Hair: Radiance Hair Salon by Kasia Fortuna
Fashion Stylist: Erica Matthews
Assistant: Misi Chanel

We are approaching Spring 2012 and according to expert makeup artist the major trends for the season are a mix of Vintage and Modern makeup. The Image above has a modern to futuristic feel particularly with the makeup as I concentrated on emphasising fierce bold brows, with extreme dirty, messy, smokey wet eyes. A strong cheek contour, added highlight to cheek bones and bridge of nose and pale nude lips. I bronzed her whole face, chest and arms to a deep tanned colour. A look like this although extreme appears somewhat wearable especially for an evening out.
The image below had the same makeup however giving the vintage approach to the trend. I added bold red vintage lipstick giving the look of the image a classic look. 



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  3. Wow,u have masterpiece skill gals. Loving ur work! Can I just say I love ur previous post with e Ghana braid&earrings. Absolutely amaze

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