Sunday 8 January 2012

Trend: Statement earrings

Hardly blog on fashion however, with beauty comes fashion and I do love to dress up and look good and girly. Some of you may recognise these earrings from Lover4Fashions Channel on Youtube, she advertised them about a year ago for a company called Diva Dezignz Jewelry based in the United States.  They do not ship to the UK which was unfortunate but fortunate enough for me I had a holiday last May to America and did not at all forget to purchase this item as I had my eye on it for months. This statement piece does not need to be worn with any other jewellery- no bangles, rings- just let the earrings do the statement!
The colour is a neutral brown which will be able to compliment most colours especially black.

Heres the link to this beauty Turkey Patch Diva Dezignz



  1. lovely braids.. I agree with braids for winter I had them down last year.
    Love your earrings.

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