Tuesday 3 January 2012


Most of my blog followers may be aware of our large profile that was circling the net previously on all the popular and most known social networking sites. However, a lot has changed recently, we are no longer on any of them sites and this post will explain as best to our ability why. Other bloggers who I have befriended, have been getting a lot of people asking them where our profile has gone on the net so hopefully this post will reduce the amount of people who keep asking them.

Why are you no longer on Facebook?

The main reason why I left it all is the network I was centred in. There comes a time when you just sit back and look at where you are going, and despite the followers and fans- (who were really great and I love them all and hope and pray they can be directed to this blog to follow up what I am doing)- I felt that making connections really was not working for me and I was loosing out. 
The photographers and models especially that I circled with really did not have the same vision as I do, and that was a setback for me. Not to say their own visions will not take them anywhere, but I couldn't find the 'right' team to connect with. I thought about taking off my profile and starting all over again, this time to make connections with different people who are more higher up in there careers which I can look up to. There was no point in me setting myself within an area where I would not progress. Facebook, to me was just a medium for gossip, ''gassing'', random jealous competitors and nosy people! Now I would not deny Facebook actually aided me in meeting a few professionals which I still work with now that either were on my level, just starting or way ahead of me but YET had this passion that is key to have as an individual as it shows how much one cares about their career.

Why are you no longer on Twitter?

I made a big mistake in the first place, I followed the ''wrong crowd', I was one to always follow back my followers despite them being just a random admire or fan, i thought it was right to always follow them to give back. The crowd I initially followed were almost the same as Facebook, to be frank I was pretty sick of seeing someones everyday life, every action, every breath just EVERYTHING being documented. Now, I do not want to put off anyone, its your choice if you choose to tweet whatever, but as a professional who was only on the internet for professional reasons, I found myself engaging in this mist of constant gibbering- I was reading too much that I did not need to read. Twitter's major set back is the limitation of connecting, I am following so much people that would not follow back so how do we then do business? Twitter was too fast and busy and the speed was not easy to keep up with especially with following the wrong people, I also started to tweet too often myself, and I was afraid of being to hung up in it the way the majority of people are. 

Why are you no longer on Youtube?

The Youtube scene is very interesting! I loved it all HOWEVER, its way too demanding, as I began to increase video views and subscribers, people started 'bossing' me about demanding a certain something which can be rather annoying as I like to work at my own pace. A friend of mine said Youtube is not for the weak hearted (so true!)- I am certainly not weak, but I definitely haven't the energy to constantly respond and have to deal with several different issues. Making videos literally takes a whole day to produce, filming, editing, uploading can take up to 10 hours- some people even longer- it is a big job! As a child of God, mother and wife, I simply cannot make the commitment.

Will you return in the future?

If I am represented by an agency or pr, who can manage my Facebook and twitter account that will be ideal. The problem was, although I was on these sites as a professional, I ended up 'engaging' in what was not professional and including my personal opinions thoughts and some what even my life to these sites! I may be likely to come on Youtube for Shiloh Magazine in the future, to give tutorials etc, which would be in a professional setting like a studio and perhaps once every several month where I am called in to do so- but not for my own personal work.

Where has 'Ama Toffee' gone?

Funny question! Ama Toffee is now formally to be known by my name Chanel Boateng. It was an initial nickname I had which I have decided is not necessary anymore- The aim of my business is to keep it simple! I kind of feel I came out the wrong way (not a bad way) just wrong, and definitely have no regrets however, there is always room for improvements. The website would soon be changing to www.chanelboateng.com and I would announce when that happens.

Where are all your old pictures gone?

Once again, on analysing my portfolio I have come to the understanding that a lot of my old work was not such a great standard, so I have removed it from the entire internet but just left most of them on this blog. You can scroll down to view it in the older posts- the most recent work is on my website and in several different pages of this blog. The recent work may not be 'perfect' but it certainly is an improvement.

Can we find you on any other sites apart from your site and this blog?

Yes, I am still on Model Mayhem, models.com and Behance Network. I hardly update them- but If you are on there you can definitely follow me.

In conclusion, in total I had 500 fans on Facebook, 300 followers on Twitter and 700 plus subscribers on Youtube thats not actually that much compared to the amount of people interested in the industry. So I guess this was the perfect time to drop out! I have had several individuals also say to me that my business may perish because I am no longer on the mainstream media on the internet such as Facebook and Twitter- But ask yourself this question, Did Lisa Eldrige, Pat Mcgrath and all these other makeup artists have Facebook and Twitter to get to the area they are in their careers? No! They had CONNECTIONS, And as I previously mentioned, the network I was previously in did not give me any connections so it was wise to leave it. I believe I can make connections else where. I have faith in God to take my career to where He wants it to be, and if it as so happens this blog and the entire site goes as well... please be sure to know it is the work of the Lord! 
Apologies to those who liked my Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages- please follow this blog to keep updated.

Contact me on info@chanelboateng.com if you would like to query anything.



  1. I only just started following you on here about a month ago, to me it sounds as though the vision for your business has matured. I, too, seriously contemplated the benefits of starting up a FB page for the business i'm in the process of starting up and came to the conclusion that it is a social networking site so my business will be seen but may not be really taken seriously (which would be ok just to get the name around).

    I say stick with modelmayhem.com as it's more tailored to your industry. Have you tried beautylish.com? Just a suggestion...

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