Tuesday, 7 February 2012

ART at the IMATS

Mind blown by the artistic makeup spotted at the IMATS- I managed to catch up and speak with some artists who were doing live makeup on the day- most of them were to busy to chat- but one artist said it took her 5 hours to do a full look! Prosthetic makeup particularly can even take up to weeks may be even months to get it so precise. These experts performed live at the show with their models showing all there innovative techniques and wowing the crowds! Everyone just had to stop and take some pics- including me of course!! Check it out....

Art at Makeup Forever! 

This looks AMAZING- Look at that contour!!- ONLY had to be MAC!

Ice Queen!

really looks like a dress right?!

Art at MUD cosmetics

This is a painted corset- how cool?!

Zombie- Prosthetics


Full Body paint- such a talented artist


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