Wednesday 12 June 2013

A Look into: NARS


I have only walked into stores and taken a couple of swatches of blush, tried on some lipgloss and tested their foundation at the back of my hand at Nars. But honestly, I have never purchased from Nars because of their dear prices. So luckily I got a front cover and editorial spread in FAB Magazine and credited NARS, they were kind enough to send me 5 products of my choice.

I picked out Sheer Glow Foundation, Taj Mahal Blush, Exhibit A Blush, Cartharage Matte Lipstick and Red Lizard Satin Finish Lipstick


Sheer Glow Foundation- 'Tortuga':
On my skin shade seems a little off, i have to do a lot of blending and mixing for it to work with my skin shade which is typically a MAC Studio Fix NW50 or Match Master in shade 9.0. Its not entirely bad but I am used to having rich chocolate skin I wish Nars added a bit more orange into the mixture to get my perfect tone.

Nars Tortuga Sheer Glow Foundation in Natural Light

Taj Mahal Blush
I have been eyeing this blush for several years and am glad to finally have it in my possession. It has a strong orange pigment and as my undertone is blue- orange works perfect on my skin. It has flexes of gold shimmer which makes a fantastic highlight also. What I like to do is first apply MAC Raizin or Sleeks Sahara and apply Taj Mahal on top... it looks amazing!

Exhibit A Blush
Ensure you have a light hand with this stuff as it is super pigment. This matte red blush is a perfect blush for making a statement and being bold, it is also a simple blush once applied light handedly and in my opinion works well with neutral looks also.

Carthrage Matte wear lipstick

Such a gorgeous shade, not sure if all NAR's matte lipsticks are like this but I felt I had to scrub to get the colour to appear on my skin.. not pigmented enough for me. Mind you, i did not use it with a liner so perhaps that may be the reason?


Red Lizard Satin Finish

Such amazing pigment, long lasting and a perfect everyday lipstick for every skin shade and looks so flattering on women of colour. The lipstick is great paired up with MACS brick lip liner. 

Check out the full review on Youtube:



  1. The lipstick is pretty amazing. I am always on the hunt for my next red lipstick. Very lucky that you received some free products, maybe you just need to try other foundation shades, they really are some of the best!


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