Monday 3 March 2014

Makeup Look: Blue Ocean

Eyes are so beautiful, and makeup is so fun, and a face is a perfect canvas... 
My outfit was simply black and white for church today, so I was considering a black smokey eye and red lips, I had a change of mind when I realised how dull that would all look! So I done a look which I have done several times before which is this sea blue eye with a hint of black on the outter third of the eye.

Highlight, Contour and Foundation and Brows: Check previous post

-Base- Painterley by MAC
-Eyelid- Sleek Unlimited 'Glory' Palette (Blue- Victoria Line) and MAC Fresh Water Eyeshadow
-Outer third on eyelid Carbon by MAC
-Lower Lashline and Waterline- MUA- Blue Pencil
-Eyelashes- Ardell 105
-Cheeks: No.6
-Lips: MAC- Chilli and Vegas Volt



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