Monday 24 March 2014

Why I like to wear NO makeup!

Random post, but I thought i would explain something that would be possibly weird to hear since I am crazy about makeup! I became acquainted with makeup from my teens, I have always been fascinated particularly with colour when it comes to the elements of makeup. I am a 'foundation' collector as supposed to one being a 'lipstick' collector, I have tried variety of makeup looks on myself and on models, I have boxes and drawers, cabinet AND a cupboard full of makeup, however..... 5 days out of 7 I am makeup less!

Its only stereotypical for a 'makeup artist' to always wear makeup... but I am rather the opposite! Makeup is beautiful, such an art and an enhancer to our natural beautiful faces that we have inherited from God... but in most cases I have learnt to wear makeup, when necessary. When I was a teenager, I felt absolutely naked not wearing makeup- but that soon changed when I got older, and more busier! 
Do I feel insecure not having makeup on when I don't?
Ermm.... Honestly! Till this day sometimes, if I leave the house without it on, I may say to myself, I actually wish I wore my makeup. There is that feeling of 'somethings' missing- to why I feel like that sometimes- not necessarily insecurity as I am confident about my skin, as I don't look horrendous without makeup! In some cases as well, when running late, I may place my makeup in my bag, and then decide to put it on later, and 9 out of 10 times, I actually say to myself, I do not need to wear it- and I successfully get through the day without it.

So what 2 days of the week do I wear makeup?
DEFINITELY and its a must for me to wear makeup to church. I honestly feel incomplete without it. One would also argue- but its church, God's house, you are meant to feel at home, why would the congregation judge you? No not at all, I know and trust my fellow brothers and sisters, I am blessed to worship at a church that does not actually care about those things... but to me, the ONE day in the week I make the extra effort is to go church- I love to look God, I am going to Gods house, presentation is KEY, and that it is why I do the whole package.
The other day I would wear makeup is possibly just a random day in the week wear 'I feel like' making the effort- OR  a meeting, and social gathering and sometimes on makeup jobs (not all)

I am comfortable with my skin- and I wish to allow it to breathe, and not have to worry if my foundation rubbed off on my shirt or when my eyes itching I can't scratch it!



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