Monday 29 September 2014

Weekly Inspiration: Hope



Colossians 1:27 (KJV)

27 To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:

Its never easy, but Christ is my hope.
I was overwhelmed with the amount of messages I have received from subscribers and followers when I shared my most saddening news last week. Like in most situations, a lot of people will have different views, and that's exactly what I mentioned in my video. Some may say I am a fool for sharing my pregnancy, some may sympathise, some may pray for me to get strength. But I just want you to recognise the Glory of God in ALL things. Despite people's opinions on how foolish I was as an 'African' or a 'Christian' for sharing my pregnancy online, Gods glory shall and will be seen out of all of this. So how has God's Glory manifested in the situation? Well in ALL things the Bible said, we give thanks. When I lost the twins.... I asked questions because I was confused, then I repented for asking questions, and SINCE then I have given thanks. My testimony has been shared to thousands.... and the majority of responses I got is how much of an inspiration I am because of this. I had to ask God again, ME? An inspiration? God said yes, but of course.... the testimony you shared has made people see that I am the God of your life! I am a God that never fails! Despite your mourning, you have showed that you are moving on to greater and brighter things that I have got prepared for you. Honestly, I promise you (reader), my intentions of making that video sharing my loss was to finish off what I started, I felt people were anticipating updates in regards to my pregnancy, so I only thought it was normal for me to come back on camera and tell what had happened. I decided to move on long ago, I decided to put makeup on do my hair and crack a slight smile because it was only 'the right thing' to do. Little did I know this caused a positive reaction to many and they were uplifted. God is wonderful, He has taken the glory for this situation and I am most happy with it. I had numerous of emails saying how much my strength has helped them overcome their current situations. A few emails told me they were depressed and my video has given them hope. I had several video requests on how to overcome tragic situations and put my hope in Christ.

The message of hope is this weeks topic, because despite the little strength I displayed on my video, I am still deeply hurt. But my hope is Christ. Sometimes I just want to end it all... my career, my YouTube channel, and even my life at times, but Christ is my hope. When I think of the cross, when I think of what Christ done for me, the fear of God arises in me and I just have to look forward to my future. I just cannot bring myself to the point of ending it all because I feel guilty for wanting to waste all of these amazing gifts God has given me. 
When God tells me how much of an inspiration I am, I can't end it all, I am going to keep on going because of Christ. What will I gain from ending it all? It will pull me back to square one... Christ did not give up, He had the opportunity to, but He didn't, so why should I? Why should you? We have so much to live for, life is for living- and despite my battles I am going to keep on living and breathing until Jesus decides to pull me home. Honestly, I cried so bitterly when people started to make their assumptions about me announcing my pregnancy... claiming the devil is on the internet and xyz and me uploading it, some red eye people online are watching and they could have plot to destroy the pregnancy. I was told I am not wise, I lack knowledge as an African Christian and that the devil used the internet to destroy my pregnancy. Once thing we need to remember is Satan, is not after Africans... or whites, or blacks, or whatever, he is after Christians! That has always been his mission. If I was encouraged to be more prayerful, and stay in the Word to combat the wiles of the devil it would have made more sense than for me to hide and not show my face this whole pregnancy. What difference would it have made if I was spotted at a supermarket, event or shopping mall with my pregnancy bump? Seriously, some people made me feel like I was a murderer, as if I caused the twins death. I was called foolish and that I lack wisdom, for sharing news which I was excited about. I allowed such comments honestly to get the best of me that this entire weekend I lost it again... all the strength I gained, my vision everything just went blank. I was pulled steps backwards. But thank God for Christ. I cried this entire weekend because of these comments and views, but this morning I woke up, and said Christ is my strength and my hope, and despite what people's views are, my testimony, my story, my loss, will be used for the Glory of His name.
In Genesis, Joseph shared his dream to his brothers, it almost cost him his life, but in fact him sharing his dream helped him to become what God wanted him to become! I shared with the world my blessing and my dream, my babies died, but I didn't! And I won't! Whilst my beautiful babies are spending eternity in heaven, I carry their legacy and their testimony and it would be used for Gods perfect glory!



  1. Amen. You are such an inspiration Chanel. Thank you so much.

  2. My dear Chanel, I share your.experiences on so many levels, From the "wise cracks"from supposedly good pple and Christians. It's never made sense why there is the need to tear down instead of build up. Hold your head up but take the time to cry when you must. The tears will gradually come less frequently and the hurt will be bearable with the passing of time but I can't promise it all go away. Sorry. This verse has seen me through some rough times, hope it helps you too. Ex 14 vs 13.14 - Love you little sister, hang in there! Peace be yours.

  3. Chanel, only you know your pain and your journey. Easier said than done but be strong! Kisses and moving on is a process it's never a straight line. You may have times when you fall again but it doesn't make you weak x

  4. Dearest Chanel,
    I've seeing your posts and instagram as well and I must say WOW! This might not mean much but I'm so proud of you. YOU TRULY ARE AN INSPIRATION! I don't know the pain you're going through, I can only imagine - but I must say you are SO strong! Sometimes it takes another person to tell you so, but I feel like letting you know that you're on the right track. This too shall pass and you've already made it. God loves you and your family so much and He has so much in store for you. May He bless you richly and keep you.


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