Tuesday, 23 September 2014

How To: Conceal Deep Set (Under) Eyes

So, I guess with age and lack of sleep my lines under my eyes are getting even deeper... unless they find a cure or remedy to permanently fix this, concealer and setting powder is going to have to be the trick for me!
The under eye highlight method has become increasingly popular in the beauty world, here is a method I have been doing to fill in my deeply set under eye area.
Please watch the video here:

Products Used:
Cleanser: Bioderma
Moisturiser: Body Shop Daily Moisturiser
Base: Benefits' PoreFessional

(Eye products would be up later as I am uploading that tutorial later this week)

Foundation: Mary Kay Time wise in Bronze 7
Concealer 1: Select Moisture Cover- NW45
Concealer 2: La Girl Pro Concealer in Almond and Toast
Highlight Setting Powder: Ben Nye 'Topaz' and BlackUp Paris Loose Powder in no.2
Powder: Studio Fix Powder in NW50

Blush: Sleeks- Sahara
Colour: MAC Touch



  1. Love this look chanel. Wld love you to do a review on the ben nye topaz powder as many dark women are drawn to the banana and it ends up looking so out there...

  2. Where can I purchase the Ben Nye products?

  3. What foundation brush did you use?

  4. Amazing....#beat to the makeup gods! <3

  5. I seriously like your method... I have dark circle under my eyes, and its not easy to conceal... will try ur method...thanx alot for sharing :D love from germany :D

  6. Hi Chanel, you rock. Thanks for sharing. Have you tried to the instantly ageless product from Jeunesse Global. It helps to diminish dark circles and puffy eyes.it works in less than 2 minutes. I would be glad to send you a sample or two so you can demo it on your channel. click the link for more details. http://www.bregitta.jeunesseglobal.com/Share.aspx?p=ia

    1. I went to the link you posted so now I'm SO wanting the Jeunesse producing. It's amazing stuff according to the online video presentation as well as reviews. If I were a Pro Make Up Arfist I'd definitely learn this smazing technique . Gotta get the Ben Nye product in yellow

    2. I went to the link you posted so now I'm SO wanting the Jeunesse producing. It's amazing stuff according to the online video presentation as well as reviews. If I were a Pro Make Up Arfist I'd definitely learn this smazing technique . Gotta get the Ben Nye product in yellow

  7. I have the same problem with my under eye area. I haven't seen any replies to the other comments so if ANYONE would help it would be sincerely appreciated. I am light-medium Caucasian and know the Ben Nye powder in yellow would be for me as I'm sure the color you used would be much too dark. Help someone please. Great video on YouTube Chanel Boateng and thanks for listing the products you used. You took 10 yr's off by doing that and look like a teen now. Would love some helpful info on the products that would be right for my coloring. THANKS to anyone that helps

    1. The Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana is more suited towards people with yellow undertones, so unless you have a yellow undertone to your skin it's gonna look a bit strange, just a heads up

  8. What color eye shadows did you use in this look?

  9. Just saw this tutorial on YouTube, and I was so impressed with how it covered up! I've got the same problem and find it hard to cover my circles because of my actual facial structure! Thank you so much for this! :)

    1. Damn, my grammar went seriously downhill! :(( whatever, I think you got the intended message ;)

  10. I have this same problem with my undereyes, I'm only 15... I've only just noticed this though and I'm wondering if they've been there for a while or...? Does anyone know if this can be caused by stress? I've been really stressed lately so if it is caused by stressed then that might be why... I'm still young so I hope they go away...


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