Saturday 13 September 2014

Love Magazine #12 by Solve Sundsbo

Finally, I get to show a bit of work I done a few months ago. I assisted a makeup artist on this fantastic portrait shoot for Love Magazine by the legendary photographer that is Solve Sundsbo. This was back in March 2014, I was thrilled to be asked to be apart of this amazing shoot for an international magazine where all the creme de le creme persons of fashion are normally sighted in. Makeup artist Isamaya French's asked me to assist her in this massive shoot that was spread over 2 whole days 10- 12 hours per day at a large studio in North London.
This was the portrait shoot which was spread over about 20- 30 pages I believe, the shoot are personal portraits of persons in fashion and entertainment industry who are either up and coming or the person of the moment.
It was possibly the busiest shoot I done, constantly running on and of the set, then to backstage, it was a great buzz to the fashion industry I must! So I had great fun and learnt so much from the makeup artist who is very talented and hard working. She gave me an opportunity to work on the vast majority of models which was good for me as I felt she wasn't at my back constantly and surprising for the first time I worked with her she trusted me a lot!

Check out the images from the shoot

One of my favorite images, the above model 'Hailey Baldwin' was such a joy to work with, she made me laugh was so cooled and laid back. Her skin was amazing and as i complimented her she said she was very keen on keeping her skin fresh by finding natural ways to care for her skin. Isamaya asked me to  do a cool fresh look on her with very nude and subtle tones so that her skin really stood out. 

I really love Camilla! I mean look at this fabulous creative agency she has put together! She has worked real hard in the industry not mention her fabulous daughter Adwoa who normally is seen in Love Magazine also. For this look, I prepped her skin, applied a base and set brows, Isamaya applied this gorgeous cranberry red lip colour on her which was awesome and looked lovely against her pale skin.

Edie Campbell was such a joy to work with. She was very professional and cool and I love her posing! Again, Very fresh, nude skin, and light hand on the makeup. I must say the products in Isamayas kit are amazing and although I had my kit it was great to rumidge through another artists kit lol!

I think my favorite image of the entire shoot!!! What a beauty, this red haired model was so beautiful with lovely fresh skin once again, she had freckles also. I prepped her skin and makeup with an extremely light hand as we wanted her freckles to be seen because it is her signature. I absolutely love the eye look Isamaya done, it complimented her skin, hair colour very well and the lips also. The little squirrel probably had fun also!

Now to get the shiny leg, i had to paint several coats with the other assistant with metallic body paint so it was vibrant and stood out. I also prepped the skin as normal and Isamaya finished the look with nude subtle tones and mild contour.

Other images from the shoot:

There are more images and I am trying to find them all online! Once I find them I would be definitely posting them on instagram.
What a great experience to work with the industries finest.



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