Saturday 25 October 2014

Day 24: Song/Music Video- Beyonce 'Mine' October Makeup Challenge

This look was so easy to create surprisingly, and I watched a 15 second tutorial on instagram by MAC Daddy to create this! I am not hot on celebs or music videos or anything of that nature (not like its a problem i'm just not interested!! Lol But I have always loved Beyonce's makeup in this tutorial as of course the makeup and beauty lovers flooded social media with their interpretations of the look! So here is my version like yooooonks later! LOL!

Products Used:
Bridge Colour- Wet N Wild Vanity Palette (dark brown eyeshadow), Purple in crease is Coastal Scents Creative Me Palette in the Purple shade. Outter corner (dark blue), Wet N Wild Vanity Palette in 'Greed' dark navy matte blue. Lid Colour (centre- MAC.....)
Waterline- MUA- White Eyeliner
Lower lashline- MAC....
Lips: MAC Fanfare and Touch



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