Tuesday 11 November 2014

Fashion Fair Fall 2014 Collection

This is a brand which is specifically designed for Women of Colour, and they have been specialised in providing makeup to women of colour since the 70s. Fashion Fair is under rated, their pigment and formula's used for their foundation is amazing not to mention the fact that the colours are not too red, orange, or blue undertones but the colour is true rich and brown hues and tones. The application and finish of the makeup is also flawless, light and full coverage. Any woman of colour can find their tones for foundation with this brand. 

Below are a few shades from their regular line and fall 2014 collection.

Sage Mist- Eyeshadow
Jade Onyx- Eyeshadow

Perfect Finish Concealer II

Golden Lights- Highlighter

Ginger Berry- Blush

Earth Red- Blush

Elegant Mocha- Two way Cake Foundation

Elegant Mocha- Two way Cake Foundation

Sugar- Oil Control Loose Powder

Morrocan Spice- Lipstick

Sweet Maple- Lipstick

Canary Diamond- Lip gloss



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