Tuesday 24 February 2015

My Foundation Collection

 I am a huge foundation collector! Honestly, like the way some girls like to purchase shoes or bags, or even lipsticks or eyeshadows, I plan on having every brand of foundation in my skin shade. I had more but they were old so here is what stands and I am still building. I just posted this and lots of my amazing followers recommended I purchase Dior and YSL to add to my collection!

This Friday on my YouTube Channel, I would be uploading a video all about foundations. Particularly for women of colour and I would be covering different topics such as what it is, why and how to wear it and most importantly, undertones and matching up. I also explain my knowledge on the MAC NW/NC system to the best of my ability.

Foundation, is a staple product in any girls makeup kit. Some may choose to not wear it, but I think it is always good to have especially for special occasions. I know some people also prefer CC or BB creams, but I am not the biggest fan of BB creams as I love coverage. Foundation not only works as a base but it conceals and corrects so that is my theory!

From Left to right here are the list of the foundations seen in this picture:

Lancome: Teint Miracle Bare Skin Foundation in shade no.14
Giorgio Armani: Luminous Silk in Shade 14
Chanel: Perfection Lumiere in shad 154 Ambre
Makeup Forever: HD Foundation in shade N180
NARS: Sheer Glow in Dark4 Tortuga
Mary Kay: Time Wise in Bronze 7
Illamasqua: Skin Base Foundation in no.17
MAC: Matchmaster in 9.0
Iman: Stick Foundation in Earth 7
MAC: Studio Fix Fluid in NW50

Luxury Designer Foundations:
These foundations are high end, they definitely have a nicer finish, quality and coverage also the packaging is always fancy thats why i like them apart of my collection! I desire to add Dior and YSL to the collection

These foundations are Retail Foundations:
Easily to find on the market and online. They are the most popular foundations general people tend to purchase. The foundation is basic however in my opinion it 'gets the job done'. They are the foundations that you by instantly to top up rather than the above foundations which I tend to use on special occasions.

Women of Colour Foundations

I added the Fashion Fair two way foundation which didn't make the group shot because I forgot! But these particular foundations are particularly formulated for women of colour. Excusing the Mary Kay which of course do shades for caucasian, but there Bronze shades for black women are remarkable. These foundations to me come between the Retail and Luxury in my opinion because the price range is reasonable yet they are not your average, pick up one and just go type of foundations. I would have added a foundation by BlackUp to this as well, but the shade is not great for me at all so it couldn't make my collection at the moment. 



  1. Thank youso much for the info.

  2. Great Info, Women of colour often struggle with finding the right shade of foundation. It will be nice if you do a concealer series for dark skin women. Thanks

  3. I love your blog and your youtube channel! Great makeup tips for women of color! I am a new blogger and just started. Would you please check out my site. www.fashionate31.com

  4. You're beautiful..... I start to learn make up so your blog help me .... thank you so much... :)

  5. What color is the powder in the last picture please😄

  6. What color is the powder in the last picture please😄

  7. I have seen very good reviews about Chanel, I tried there highlighter only. Its a bomb! I am willing to buy a foundation from this brand . I got super oily, acne-pore skin and sensitive also. Should I try this one? I just recently did makeup lessons for beginners London , by Lina . I don't have much idea about makeups, specially about foundation. Can you please suggest me a shade too for nc40 dear? Both liquid and stick one! TIA <3

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