Monday 23 February 2015

Nigerian Pepper Soup!!

Ok, so I guess the most exciting thing about being married to a Nigerian is the urge to cook food out of my own comfort zone which is of course Ghanaian food. I have never tried doing any Nigerian dish for several reasons. 1) I am not a big fan of Nigerian food and tend to take a selected few of their dishes happily! 2) I have been slightly intimidated about preparing Nigerian food because it is totally new to me and I am afraid of making mistakes!
However, I could not help but notice how EASY it is to prepare Nigerian Pepper soup. I have tasted it before, and you know what, it tastes great. However its not an everyday type of soup like Ghanaian light soup, although the dishes are relatively similar (you just add tomatoes for light soup and less pepper!) LOL! 
So I had a go, with once again the help of a few Nigerian cooking channels on YouTube and my husband LOVED it! It was so easy- all you need is meat, water and seasoning! Now, I am pretty much ready to explore more Nigerian food- NEXT STOP- Afang Soup, the Egusi mmmm hmmm!!

Check out the pictures... ps: I am yet to work on my garnishing techniques ok! lol

For main ingredients used check out:



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