Tuesday 17 February 2015

Valentines Dinner: Duck Legs and Persian Rice!

Hey Everyone! I am honestly an 'at home' wife as well as a makeup artist and business owner! Infact, I spend a lot of time at home with my son and doing domestic things in this house such as DIYs, cooking, cleaning all that good stuff. So, you would be seeing A LOT of that from now on my blog and YouTube channel. 
This here is what I cooked over the weekend. I thought I would step out of my typical African food cuisine and head over to the Eastern part of the world and do a lovely Persian Rice. I might say, for my first try I done an awesome job. My mum was even inspired. So with the great help of one of my favourite YouTube chefs 'Chef John' from foodwishes.com http://foodwishes.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/persian-rice-sorry-measuring-cups.html I put this dish together. The only thing I tried is I added plantain.. and thats what made it a bit more tropical I guess! I loved how the rice turned out. Not clumpy at all and just perfect for a family meal or a meal for two if you add what I added which was 'Duck Legs'! Duck Legs you say? mmmm hmmm... it tastes succulent and just fresh! 
Check out the ingredients and recipe below: and full step by step tutorial (above) by chef john.

-2 Fresh Duck Legs
I bought these in a pack of 2 from Tesco for £3.75 (pricey but yummy!)
-Plantain (ripe) but NOT over ripe, you need it to be a little hard so it can make a great base for the rice.
-Potatoes- I also added thin sliced potatoes as the base for the rice

-The Duck Legs have been lightly seasoned with Salt and Pepper and Chicken Seasoning, I would have used Paprika or something else but I ran out! Use any seasoning you want. And just Fry it

Now.. as You can see the above I cut it to see what the inside looked like. And SOME people like it pink like this. However I popped it in a preheated oven on 180 for 20 minutes so it was WELL COOKED through. I am not a fan of bloody meat! 

-Saffron seasoning- £4 from tesco, very pricey but you only need a tiny bit to make part of the rice yellow like I have done here. Check Chef Johns recipe for the exact precise method



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