Friday 6 March 2015

Ghanaian Independence | The Ghanaian Flag Makeup

Hello lovelies!

Today, 6th March is Ghanaian Independence Day! I remember when I was a teen / early 20's me and my friends used to go and party on this day, but now I am too old for that so the most you will get out of me is a makeup tutorial and some baked Ghanaian flag inspired biscuits/cookies!

Please check out the tutorial On my YouTube Channel here:

Products Used


Moisturiser: Lancome
Primer: MAC Prep and Prime
Foundation: Georgio Armani LSF no.14
Concealer: MAC Select Cover Up in NW40 (brow and highlight)
Powder: MAC Studio Fix Powder: NW50

Brows: MAC Stud

Primer: Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion
Brow Highlight: MAC Cork
Transition shade1: MAC Embark
Transition Shade 2: MAC Orange
Base: NYX Milk
Green: MAC Humid
Gold: Barry M: D100
Black: MAC Carbon

Winged Liner: Maybelline Gel Liner
Kohl Pencil: MAC feline
Lashes: My own mink lashes (coming soon)

Blush: Nars Exhibit A 
Shimmer Highlight: Fashion Fair Golden Lights

Pencil: MAC Brick
Lipstick: MAC Red
Gloss: Sleek Pout Paint 



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  2. Chanel girl....w)ho ay3 f3w papa!

  3. Really beautiful shade! I love your make up style it enhances your natural beauty very well! :)

  4. Love the make-up look on you.I remember the days I used to party on every independence day and I am not even Ghanaian lol

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