Monday 22 June 2015

I am Not my Size

I recently shared on my YouTube Channel, my struggles with my weight all my life. A lot of the typical body shamers who surf the internet belittling us 'fat' people tend to stay away and not comment on that particular video for some reason, possibly because they realise, what fat or overweight people go through is just more than a simple 'oh loose some weight' dilemma, but a daily struggle we have to endure everyday and for most of us, our entire lives.

To be honest, I am rather tired of body shaming now. As I said in my previous video 'How To Love you Weight' you cannot just tell a fat person ' go and loose weight' as you are talking to someone who ALREADY knows of their daily struggle with weight loss. Overweight people are seen as the aliens of this world, and are often ridiculed as to why and how we 'allowed' ourselves to get like this.
I can only speak for myself, but my weight gain is often a result of depression, comfort eating, bullying or past tragedy I have been through that makes me eat excessively. Since I was a child, I have been placed on diets etc to help me loose weight, all in which works for a little bit, but then realise 'who I THINK I am' and then I give up

I am not my size, I have realised this very recently and I am quite loud in expressing this. I am more than what you see on the outside and for the reader who knows what I am talking about, so are you! 
I am an articulate, talented, highly motivated beautiful, mother and wife, who YES indeed has weight issues that I am 'working' on. When you first see me, my weight should not define who I am. You do not know another woman's individual and personal struggle, so why pick on us when you do not know the inside story as to how I got 'like this'.

Spare me with the 'its not healthy' talk also, because my health is nobody's business. And no you do not care about me at all because if you do, you should be able to pay my bills and rent!

Its called 'FAT SHAMING' I have had it all my life, its easy to pick on someone who does not look 'normal' some may think they are helping us, but I feel a lot of people enjoy taking digs at bigger women. Likewise, with people who suffer from anorexia, it is easy for the average normal person to point the finger and say you're too skinny, do something about it. Little do you know, within themselves, they are screaming for help on to how to beat their bad habits and be out of their illness. 
What also is absolutely funny and why fat shamers should butt out and mind their own business, is when they meet someone for the first time and they are overweight, and they have the cheek to make their typical comments, little did they know, that person has already lost 4 stones and is well on their individual weightloss journey. Its easy to talk, and 'advice' and act like they care, but the person already has their own agenda. 

I would like to finish on this note... if you are an overweight person, the only way to help you loose your excess weight is to love yourself, who you are and your individual character and who you are as a person. God looks at the heart, your heart is what matters. Be diligent in all that you do, do not be lazy, work hard, help others and enjoy life. I would not ask you disregard weight loss, because I think we should aspire to be the best we can be. However if you are happy at your weight, i would not force anyone to change who they are either. Just be the best version of yourself possible to YOUR satisfaction and not societies.

I am on my journey to becoming my best version. My weight and my ability to loose it is honestly, my business and no one elses. 
I hope this post is helpful to those who needed that push this fine morning!

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