Tuesday 23 June 2015


Hey loves!

I have been doing way too much shopping recently and its all because I just fancied a new flavour in my life! This post and video is meant for girls to know the essential fashion items that they require particularly with tips for plus size women. I may do these type of 'try on' videos often when I purchase or receive new clothing.

This item can be a scary piece for plus women to wear, and I honestly think if you get the correct shapewear and style it well its a winner! Not every woman, small or plus size has hips etc to wear it either, but as I said in the video shape wear and the correct underwear plus wearing simple stylish items such as blazers, a peplum belt or waistcoat can transform your style and make the dress or skirt look amazing


Outfit 1:  Kim Kardashian Inspired Crop Top and Skirt: Ebay
Outfit 2: Turtleneck long sleeve body con dress: Ebay

It is Summer time, lots of us would be attending pool parties, going on holiday and just general swimming, so great swim wear is what we need. The two I purchased are from Forever21, I love the style of all the swimwear in the plus section of the site. I also feel that they fit perfectly to size also and the clothing overall is excellent quality

Wether its a bikini or full swimming costume, there is a design for us all and you can find that perfect bikini or swimming costume for your summer endeavours!

Bikini Top: Forever21
Bikini Bottom: Forever 21

Swimming Costume: Forever21

I love me a bodysuit! Sometimes when you cannot find that perfect top, a body suit does it well for matching with almost any fashion item. I have off the shoulders, vest, polo neck in mainly black and white and grey to keep it neutral. This one has a little design and is more appealing, it looks quite classy and once again can be worn with a skirt or jeans. I would like to style this with a love maxi skirt as well as a nice blazer and jeans and heels.


Body suit: Boohoo

I have always had a love hate relationship with jeans. To be honest, I prefer jeggings or leggings, as a big girl its more comfortable to wear. However its a stable item and therefore if I am going to buy a pair they better be good! So what I tend to do when searching for that perfect pair of jeans is
1) Check for stretch
2) Make sure its high waist and reaches my belly bottom or above
3) Make sure its straight or skinny leg

I prefer straight or skinny leg (regular or short length as i am 5ft3) because it looks better on my very chubby legs. If it is too long it looks stumpy and that is never really attractive!

These jeans from Tesco in size 20 stretch pretty well and are comfortable


Jeans: Tesco



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