Monday, 29 June 2015

Travel LifeStyle Post: Weekend at the Beach

So it was my husbands birthday last week Friday and I wanted for us to have a little get away in the South East Coast of England in South End Essex. For my birthday in January he surprised me with a romantic dinner on a ship and also we celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary in Paris that weekend, so of course I had to come up with something awesome for his birthday to beat him or balance it out!

We were blessed to go with amazing weather. England can be tricky to plan a trip because of the crazy weather, so honestly, I was not as prepared as I should have been we also stayed over night at a hotel and enjoyed a full day at the beach the following day followed by a romantic Chinese Meal and then shell collecting on the Saturday evening at the beach

Full English Beach Breakfast
I know what you're thinking.. where are the beans. Mind you I did not like this hotel very much, rude management and unorganised staff! Avoid Camelia Hotel at all costs if travelling to South End!

Travel Essentials

Even if you are travelling to just the Coast of England from London, you would be so surprised how some things may come in very handy for a day at the beach. My beach bag contained more than this however these are the most important things to have handy for a full day trip to the beach.

This is my vlogging camera, and what I used to take most of my pictures. The Samsung NX3000 is really great for detailed pictures, light in weight and small and portable. The low light situation is not as fab, but I get away with alot because I am used to relying on natural lighting to take photographs and film

Sun care lotion, Hayfever (allergy) medication, hand sanatizer and lip balm are MY MUST HAVES!
This Suncream is from Tesco with a High SPF of 30: Soleil Suncare and no, I don;t need a tan but its so therapuetic laying out in the sun all day (which we did) so it was very important to protect our skin with this high SPF sun care lotion.
Piriteze can be purchased from your local pharmacy
Hand santizer or handy wipes are crucial, the beach is outdoors, so picking up pebbles, stones and shells can leave you with filthy hands especially if you are going to eat a hot dog shortly after! These wipes come in handy to quickly clean up.
Lip balm, to keep lips moisturised
I did not take a picture, but I also had a bottle of water in my bag!

 These sunglasses are from Topshop, great for eye protection and of course, looking fab! They are sold out


Camera: Samsung NX3000
Iphone 6
Technology is important! Because you need to capture them moments. What I love about the camera is I can wifi pictures straight to my phone and them of course update my social media! I was happy to update you all with my travel adventures by sending pics direct from my camera

Of course You need money! Cash is handy, not all stores, shops take card at the beach. I also have ID also, which is handy if you want to book a hotel for overnight stay.


Dinner Saturday Night was at a FABULOUS Chinese Restaurant called 'Gold Coast' I need to go back there! Food was amazing, the place was clean and beautiful with excellent service also

Beach Life!
We ended our weekend on Saturday evening picking seashells and we intend on decorating them around the house! I used my Canon 600d, with 50mm to take this pics and also the pics of the flowers above

My Alone time with the sea :D.
I took various random selfies of myself whilst my hubby went to the other side of the beach to pick up stones and sea shells. I just appreciated the space, the sound of the ocean waves, the magnificent breeze and it sounds all mushy and geeky (which I am at heart lol!) but I just enjoyed that oneness with nature. There is something so refreshing about being at the beach, and even more refreshing when at the beach in the evening watching the sunset. Living in the hustle and bustle life in London town, you almost forget whats on the other side of England. 



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