Tuesday 14 July 2015

Feminine Hygiene for LARGE women!

Happy Tuesday!
I am not sure if this is the case for all large women, but I am assuming for most of us, keeping clean may not be necessarily hard, but a little more effort needs to go into our general hygiene
Now, I am no expert, however I am a woman, and over the years I have learnt ways (taught by my mother) of course on how to just keep clean in private areas. Wether we want to accept it or not, when you are larger you have areas that are more covered by excess skin and fat and therefore to avoid 'funny' odours or just straight up uncomfortable feelings, it is important to keep ourselves well maintained.
A lot of this advice can be take on account by all women so please do not feel singled out :)

Larger women (including myself) have the vagina area normally covered by the stomach/lower abdoman, as well as the thighs. When an area is covered and gets less are, when contacted by moisture can lead to discomfort and bad odour.
There are many products to help all women. I advise to check out a view products that are specifically designed for PH Balance in the intimate area such as FemFresh and Vagisal.
A lot of women tend to stick to the soaps provided by these companies. I would honestly advise for larger women (all women also) to not only invest in the soap, but also the wipes and even spray.

I have here an inexpensive intimate area spray, I use this straight after showering after using Vagisal. What this spray does is dry up the area- remember what I said, the less moisture, the less discomfort and the less 'funny' odours lol

Being on your period is also a not so pleasant time of the month for most if not all of us. My advice for this is to ensure you take showers twice daily. Change sanitary regularly and use wipes as well as normal toilet tissue.

The food we eat can also cause an effect on our PH Balance. As I said, there is nothing wrong with a treat here and there, but just so you know, eating sweet products can also contribute to things such as thrush, in some cases BV and also can interfere with the Vagina's PH balance which can let off funny odours.
Larger women tend to sweat more, even in that area... fresh foods can actually help us sweat less. I have never been a person that sweats at all unless extremely hot, but I am aware many larger women do naturally especially perhaps when sleeping or in summer time or when doing a little exercise.

Ever had those brown stains even AFTER washing your panties a thousand times? This is caused by heat. Even the most quality knickers from M&S can get ruined. It will get to the point where the panties are not useful and it would be useless in protecting your intimate area, it will start to form holes and all sorts... BIN it and buy a new pair!

To be honest, this can be common on larger women. As I said, we have to make a little more effort than the slimmer ladies to keep clean and smelling sweet!
Fresh lime is excellent for beating odours, you can rub this under your arms, under rolls, excess fat and other hard to reach spots lol, before you finish showering.
Deodorant is your BEST friend. But NEVER spray deodorant on unwashed skin! The smell, will back fire. I LOVE Mitcham, I have showed this before in a video, it is the best product in the world for beating underarm body odours.
I recently informed my subscribers that I started a new diet and therefore my body began perspiring a bit more than usual when using this product it beat all of the odours!



  1. Excellent write up, you couldn't have said it better. Not just us larger ladies but all ladies in general need to have high hygiene standards. I have used femfresh in the past and unfortunately it was a nightmare, i kept having recurring thrush till i visited the doctor. He said that most of these ph balancing soaps and wash are not as good and helpful as they seem. He suggested using aqueous cream to wash my privates and i have not been disappointed since then so its another option to consider as opposed to just using water which some people swear by.

  2. stuff that no one likes talking about but needed to be said! If only to remind us that we're not alone in this struggle. <3
    I have also heard like the commenter above me that ph balancing products can actually throw you off, but I have never really used them to know for sure.

  3. This are some honest words..lol

  4. This are some honest words..lol

  5. Great post! Being of a larger size myself, I've often been worried about this area (because of FUPA etc) lmao but I've been told several times that these products are harmful to the PH balance so now I just stick to plain old water, which seems to do the trick!

    I wouldn't mind having some sort of portable spray for when you're out and about in the heat though!


  6. I'm 20 years old and it is so refreshing to finally find someone who says what needs to be said. This is truely helping me

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  8. Off topic....please, tell me what lip gloss you are wearing in the video. Love it! Thank you! You're beautiful!

  9. Off topic....please, tell me what lip gloss you are wearing in the video. Love it! Thank you! You're beautiful!

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