Friday, 10 July 2015

Ruches, Lumps and Bumps!| Outfit Post

Khaki and Nudes are a fantastic match in colour combination. This bargain dress is so sexy and figure hugging yet basic and flattering. I wore it with my long white Mac coat from Primark and a white handbag.

Lately I have been into 'ruched' style clothing, particularly body con, its not only a cool unique style of body con but, if you are worked about those 'lumps and bumps' it disguises it pretty well! Unfortunately for me, even when wearing a shaper, not all is tamed and smoothed. This is because of my body shape. One may say, dress for your body shape. But I say my shape represents me, a unique me, I have actually worked for this shape, its not perfect but I am satisfied. In the past 5 months I have lost almost 4 stones and I just keep going. Eventually I will get to an ideal size good enough for ME, but for now, I will flaunt this. This is something I celebrate and am proud of, so what you see here is a celebration of my curves. It will get 'smaller' and tamed... But for now, I will embrace and flaunt what is there. I feel confident and free to wear what ' i could have worn' months ago because I could. But the difference is now I wear it with confidence.

Shoes: Ebay

This dress can be purchased here on ebay mine is size XL


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