Thursday 9 July 2015

My FAVOURITE MAC Lipsticks | Beauty

Like most makeup lovers, lipstick is definitely one of those makeup must have items and  I personally think every makeup collector should have every type or every colour lipstick they can get hold of.
So in my ever growing collection I have matte, satin and glossy type finishes as well as nudes, purples, pinks, reds and oranges. One of the stereotypes I do not like is that dark skin women can not wear 'certain' lipstick shades and I demonstrated in this video here that that is not the case. We have to manipulate it with certain liners and of course aim for shades that compliment our undertones

So here we have 5 types of lipstick shades which work well with my skin tone and tend to be my 'go to' lipstick shades and pieces.

 MAC- Girl About Town
Although has a broken bullet (lol) this is by far my favourite Fuscia Pink lipstick shades, against my skin it appears so bold and stands out marvellously. I recomend this shade to most skin tones, it has a blue undertone so it works well on dark skin.

This matte lipstick is so gorgeous, I rocked pretty much the entire month of June! The pigment is strong and although a matte shade it is not drying as for example Ruby Woo is, it is a really deep orange shade which has this spicy twang to it! Check it out a full look of me using this lipstick in this post here

Another amazing lipstick which at first glance you may be put off because it looks slightly greyish as well as lavender shades can always be a lil scary! However, this shade is STUNNING. I tend to wear this with minimal eye makeup.

Another matte texture (have you noticed I really like matte lipstick!?) This lipstick shade works so well with almost any look. It is similar to MAC RED and MAC Ruby Woo, however this has a little more orange tone. I found orange looks great on me so I tend to go for lippies that have a orange tone. Its a go to must have lipstick in my opinion

My fear of wearing darker shades is because I have a small round mouth, so it can sometimes make it look even more small. However, Diva by Mac (matte) really brings boldness to my lips and stands out so well. It works so nicely on my skin shade and can be worn with one of my favourite lip liner- MAC Current.

Finally, my favourite nude shades of all time, as you can see its finished now. Its my most worn lipstick out of my entire collection. It has a smooth cream finish, is brownish in tone and is just an all round beauty. I highly recommend this type of (nude) to darker skin women as the pigment is so subtle yet noticeable. 



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