Saturday 18 July 2015

My Perfume Collection

Never in all my years of blogging and YouTubing have I spoken or even shown you what I use to smell good! And since (on my blog) we are on the subject of general hygiene and cleanliness since I posted my video on 'Clean Vagina' yesterday, why not show you what I use for daily perfumes!
I would be honest, I do not always use perfume before I run out the door however, I do use perfume when I feel extra beautiful lol, so thats when I happen to dress up and 'all that jazz' or honestly, when I actually remember to, then I will spritz some on!
I am stingy with perfume! Yes stingy, I buy expensive perfume, so being the tight individual that I can be sometimes, I either purposely don't use it, or spray the most teeny weeny amount on to make it last!

I am not the greatest at describing scents, so here are some other pictures of my collection and hopefully this could help you to see what I am into. Personally, I am an eau de parfum kinda gal! I am not a fan of toilette, I feel it is too 'tangy' for me if that makes sense? lol!

My favourite type of perfume is that from the Arab nation! Arabian Oud (on Oxford Street and Westfield Stratford) is my FAVOURITE fragrance store. They are amazing at traffic stopping there lol, they lured me in and now thats the type of perfume I use! I have always been interested in Arabic perfume ever since I worked at Selfridges and the most flawless (made of money) Arabic women used to prance around the beauty hall literally smelling like gold! I always used to say to myself, I need need need, to wear Arabian scents.

Some of there scents are VERY strong and unbearable. However, some are perfectly sweet and modern such as this one:

Yadis Blanc

This is my number one used perfume and my FAVOURITE, its a traditional Arab yet with a modern scent and as advised by Arabian Oud staff, this is the one the 'younger' Arabic ladies tend to wear. It was on sale for £95 but its double the price normally! Yup, expensive but good stuff! They do regular sales at Arabian Oud so hopefully you would be lucky!

  Mukhallat Al Shiokh

This is a traditional Arabic scent. The consultant at Arabian Oud specifically said 'this is for the rich'. This scent is what I was always smelling in Selfridges when I was working there. On my very special occasions that is when I reach for this. I believe I bought this for about £195 and it was on sale, so I am not sure of the actual retail price.

Sunna Mask- Golden Dust (oil) 

Sunna Mask is another Arabic fragrance store and is located in Westfield Stratford and its a counter store within the centre. They have more affordable fragrances and are in oil form. So you roll the oil onto the skin as supposed to spraying it. This little bottle costs about £20-30, and lasts a while as you only need a little and it has a strong scent. The strong scent however is not overbearing and almost smells like coconut. There are many many fragrances to choose from, this one is called Golden Dust.

After the Arabic perfume obsession comes this: Victor and Rolf Flower Bomb! as you can see its almost finished as my friend bought it for me for my 21st birthday, I have since been stingy with it and alas, its time to top up and buy a new one! The smell is perfect and has a sweet flower scent!

Paris Hilton- Heiress

This is most likely a gift as I am not a fan of Paris Hilton, its a fairly nice scent nevertheless.

This perfume collection from Benefit was the first to be launched out of the different fragrances they have in this series. They released 2, Lee, Gina and Sofia. When I was working for them this is when this perfume series launched, Lee Lee was my least favourite but not a bad smell. I love the packaging more than anything. Try Gina, its the best in my opinion and very close to the Arabic scents.

Kelly Brook Vivacious 

Another gifted perfume, this scent is very very sweet, like real sweets! I think its ok, its not an awful smell, but its not my normally reached scent because its too sweet and I am worried people will think I just ate a bag of skittles when I have this on!

This scent was a big one in the 90s, I remember all the cool kids use to rock this, its still an amazing scent to me and although not worn often, you cannot beat the smell! They also had 'Blue Jeans' but this was a personal favourite. Its also quite affordable (just £13.99) and could be found in drugstores such as Boots and other fragrance outlets

This has an amazing scent, not too strong just perfect for daily wear and I feel I neglect it

This scent was my everyday scent, so fresh and lovely and super affordable! I love the smell it leaves on my clothes days after!



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  2. Excellent, thanks Chanel. I've been interested in Arabic eau de parfuum for ages now, thank for the 401 on them. will be looking to buy the Mukhallat Al Shiokh from your youtube link - again thanks!!

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