Friday 17 July 2015

NEW WORK in Minc Magazine- Gossip Girl | Makeup by Chanel Boateng

As many of you may know my day job is that of freelance makeup and has been so for the past 8 years! Well for the first 3 years I worked at Benefit and I like to say thats where it all began.
I have had many front covers, fashion spreads in various magazines etc. Its only of recent where I have been more YouTube based and doing more work session makeup for clients as well as campaign work with brands such as YoursClothing. So I  would like to show you my recent work with Minc Magazine, directed by an amazing model and friend Mulan Noir @mulannoir, she also is modelling in these pictures.

Photographer: Jelani Pomell @jelanipomell
Stylist: Zarah Elizabeth @zarahelizabeth_
Models: Mulan Noir @mulannoir and Karolina @karolina_ct
Hair: Signature by Designs @signaturebydesign

Do remember to click the portfolio tab at the top of this blog to see more of my work



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