Friday 17 July 2015

Strobing on Dark Skin

Todays makeup tutorial is that of a new technique which quite frankly I don't know if I should actually call it 'new'. However I believe it has been brought to the light because its flawless and awesome.
This is strobing, and it is honestly just shimmer highlighting, using possibly what you already have in your makeup kit already!

So check out this video on my YouTube channel for a detailed talk through tutorial on how to achieve this look.


An amazing durable foundation, on the pricey end as it is is designer however has a fantastic finish:
  Georgio Armani LSF in no14

 MAC MSF- Powder is great to lightly set liquid foundation

The KEY to this look is the shimmer highlight. Golden Lights by Fashion Fair is my favourite and perfect for my tone.

Setting Powders:
Blackup Loose Powder: no2
Sacha Buttercup

Blush- Motives Centerfold

Lipstick- no.30 MATTE By BlackUp



  1. SO stunning. Your skin look gorgeous x

  2. How do I reach you please? I love what you do and really want to be good as you are!


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