Monday 13 July 2015

Weekly Photographs!

I love catching up on these type of posts on other blogs, just a brief summary of the week. So its Monday morning, you may be at work or on the way if you are reading this post
Last week for me its been all about food, meetings and clients, I did not film at all this week and neither did I upload on my 'main channel'. I have a few launches and events to prepare for, for my own brand and that has been exciting. So much changes are happening in my life and I am so excited to embrace them and share the journey with you on the way.

Food Diaries!!

 One of my FAVOURITE chefs in the world is Jamie Oliver!!! I mean look at this drink... it is literally heaven in a bowl.. watch how he makes this beauty here, in my opinion this is way too beautiful to even drink

Whilst out with my friend Gracie from The Ugly Face of Beauty ( we stopped for some lunch and drinks at All Bar One. I ordered this yummy meal, 'Korean Rice Bowl'. It literally tastes like the goodness of Asia, I loved it, you can order this with prawns or chicken.

 Whilst I was out and about on the way to a client I stopped at McDonalds, of late I have been observing my food in take so anywhere I go wether its a take away or a restaurant I always check out the salad menu. So I picked this salad up from McDonalds, I posted it on instagram and my followers from the US were so shocked to see fresh salad from UK's McDonalds. Seriously ladies, if you are watching you weight, even at McDonalds there is something for you!

Have you checked out my girl Rosie's blog? She makes AMAZING food and beverages, here is a link to her Pineapple and Passionfruit Milkshake, can you say yummmm?

Mellow Yellow- just a pic of me out an about on a beautiful sunny Monday Afternoon in London!
Shades are from Topshop and are sold out am afraid

Outfit of the Week

Check out my outfit here: Classically Chic

Myself and Gracie had such a fun day out last week, you can catch up with how our day went on my second channel 'Chanel's House' here

I shared on my instagram a sneak peak of my beauty post for this week which is going to be a perfume collection post. I love this fragrance from Arabian Oud called 'Yadis' so lovely! Keep a look out for the post.

Ruches- Lumps and Bumps Post:

I shared with you my outfit of the day post which I wore last Sunday, you all loved it, if you didn't catch it, check out the post here. I not only shared the outfit information but also some body confidence advise in which quite a few of my followers highly appreciated.


Its all happening so quickly, I cannot wait I am gonna scream! Chanel Boateng LIVE Beauty Master Class is coming up Saturday 26th September. This week we start the promotion and at the end of July, tickets will be up for sale. I have amazing sponsors which I am going to be sharing with you all!
I have been working on this all week hence why I have not made any videos lol!
Stay tuned in for more details.



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