Tuesday 11 August 2015

Outfit of The Day| Casual and Chic

Hello lovelies!
Errands, meetings, photo shoots etc etc etc! When I am not at home cooking for the hubby or taking care of my son, my life can be hectic and at least 3 times a week I spend it around the City of London running around with such a busy schedule.
I used to be like to myself, is there any need for me to dress up to do these meetings etc? So I often would just role with no makeup and dress 'down'
But recently, I decided to change all of that, your first impression of someone is always the most memorable one and so I decided I should at least start to make an effort!!
This outfit is simple, casual and trendy. I love waterfall blazers or cardigans, and as it is camel in colour also it brightens up the outfit.
This white lace body also is so cute! I love wearing it with pretty much any item. And for accessories, I thought I would make a statement with this large tote bag!

What I am wearing:

Lipstick: Island Beauty 'True Red'


  1. This outfit is super cute. Especially the jacket. Love it!


  2. What a lovely outfit! I would really love to get the long waterfall jacket. It definitely vamps up any casual look. I have been following you for a while. Your YouTube vids and blog entries have got me making more purchases at Boohoo!

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