Thursday, 10 September 2015

Noir en Automne: Outfit Post

What I love about this look is that eery, dull, Autumnal feel yet the outfit and location is sultry and captivating. I chose this particular location in Kent as I spotted it some years back, the place is called Hall Place (google is your friend!) the entire park has a Spring time feel however, there was just something about these black gates with gold detailing that stuck out to me all those years back when I was driving by the location.
So I was inspired to do a Parisian type look (which did not quite portray too well) to suit the location, and my honey coloured hair was the only pop to the look which perfectly matched the colours of the fallen Autumn leaves.
I love Autumn, its not too hot nor cold, its that time where you get to wear all types of layers and get to wear dark colours such as blacks and browns without being questioned!
I really do hope you like this fashion post for this week.
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Noir en Automne means Black in Autumn in French (i hope), hopefully my French pals can help me out!

Top (Body): BOOHOO
Skirt: ASOS



  1. Your hair is on point girl!!

  2. This living in the southern hemisphere thing is standing between me a rocking you autumn inspired look. Now i have to wait till next year. Argh! Those earings and rings. . .that top! Is it a bodysuit? I absolutely love it!

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

  3. I love you Chanel !! I live in Lyon (in France) and yaaaasss you wrote well correctly "noir en automne" ;) You are my favourite youtuber and you are my motivation and my model ! You are sooo beautiful and I love watch your videos because I know that you'll give me smile for the day ! Bisouuuus

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