Monday 19 October 2015

TRAVEL: Food to Eat in New York City

Now of course some may already know that almost every corner in New York City has a place where you could eat! So, I was spoilt for choice. My main aim when it came to dining in the city was to try out authentic American Food and some soul food, and because time ran out, I achieved 60% of what I was after! Nevertheless, I will go back for more, and guess what, I gained 10lbs! The next day, I went straight back into my routine healthy eating life style and in 5 days at least i lost 5lbs again!
The mix of savoury and sweet dishes is not strange when it comes to American food, particularly even the breakfast dishes. Who eats fried chicken for breakfast? Guess what, I tried it, and it was delicious!

Peaches: A Southern Soul Food Restaurant with a Modern Twist.
This was our first stop, and honestly, my favourite of what I tasted whilst eating my way through the city! Look at all those calories! I ordered the Shrimp Po Boy with fries. We also ordered some side orders which included delicious Nachos and Corn Bread, which to me tastes like a regular sponge cake.

Did you say British Food? Tea and Sympathy
My second restaurant was I guess a weird option but I was staying with a Brit whilst in New York which happened to be her birthday. She often feels homesick so her friend treated her to some authentic British Food and of course I tagged along!

Jack's Wife Frieda, Soho, NYC

I had brunch at this restaurant with a blogger friend  The food was quite commercial such as your regular burgers and fries, delicious pancakes, cocktails and strong coffee!

Fried chicken for breakfast anyone?
Sweet Chick- Ludlow Street Manhattan

My husband and I had amazing breakfast at this restaurant recommended by one of my subscribers. I also highly recommend this restaurant. The fried chicken is simply AMAZING, and I do think although an odd fusion, with sweet pancakes, strawberries and maple syrup, it worked really well!

Welcome to Mac and Cheese heaven! Delicatessen

I had another evening meal with Rose from this time, accompanied by the ever so beautiful and stylish blogger
The restaurant was too dark to take food pics, however here is a snap shot of my beverage which was a passion fruit and strawberry cocktail. If you visit the restaurant try the Lobster Mac and Cheese

How can you go to NYC and not try out Italian,
They are situated in every other corner!
My friend Phil, and hubby had some amazing Italian whilst in the Dumbo Area just before we boarded the ferry for an amazing trip around NYC.
Might I add they served the most strongest coffee in the world, which in all honestly, was not my cup of tea!

Myself and Phil went for an amazing Breakfast Treat at Juniors, which is a staple American Diner serving, pancakes, eggs, fried chicken, and anything American!



  1. lovely,now i wanna go to sweet chick

  2. This all looks so mouth watering. Nom nom nom.
    Curse the sea between our worlds. So many places and culture and something like money stands between me and them.
    It sure looks you had a good time.

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

  3. I really want to try those
    Hi it's penny or u can say ernestina berkoh

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