Friday 6 November 2015

Give some, keep some

Its not all you keep, but then again its not all you give...

Over the past few months, I have met so many different types of people and had so many different types of conversions with either complete strangers, acquaintances, first time seeing, greeting and meeting and people with all different types of perspectives, views, opinions, lifestyles and principles.
It is an interesting world we live in, and honestly at aged 27- almost 28! I feel that it has just hit me! It just hit me just from communicating through all different types of forms and measures.

These last few months has revealed to me the true art of communication and wether it has been on the telephone, email, social media, face to face, whatsapp, snapchat, comments on my channel, instagram, or whatever, I have been able to collect a piece of something each time and calculate and analyse for myself a reasonable understand of the message being conveyed, and you know what, it has made an impact on myself and my perspectives towards the many different types of people walking this earth.
Most of all, I have decided through my recent engagements to just respect. I have also learnt how to understand, reason, speak when to and when to not speak, what to take in, what to believe or what not to believe, who to trust and who not to trust. I have learnt how to be analytical in most areas, learnt when I am right and when I am wrong and when to confront and when not too.
I have understood the desire of some people and learnt when to share my knowledge and even when not too.... Its not everything you share, and even when sharing, you have to be decisive on who to share with, and be selective of what you can share!

The thing with me right now, especially through the many conversations I have had especially over the last few weeks is that, I believe there is something brilliant about everyone. No matter who you are, there is an element of potential in each and every human walking this earth, despite how ratchet, middle class, poor, snobby, bitchy, rude, chavvy anyone is, I believe there is this, hmmmm, almost SUPERNATURAL ability in everyone that can make a huge impact.
Through my observations, I have had to ask myself, wow, there are all these aspects in one human being and therefore out of all the hundreds of human beings I have met in this one month alone, what can I do to pull them up, pull them out, or pull them together?! Surely, I can even offer my Uber Driver some sort of blessing, advice or message that can translate to him to bring 'something' out of him, and that 'something' can also be a blessing on me!
See this can work both ways! Stop being selfish! Many times I am sure we can see that special 'something' in someone else, and yet it can be so hard to give because perhaps we may have trust issues, or perhaps we can see someone can become greater and because we want to be the only great ones, we keep ALL to ourself! 
Now, don't get me wrong, I think you will be very stupid to give all... You are a blessed person if you do, because I believe in someway, you will be rewarded. However, I feel there should be a huge balance. How much 'should' you give. I say, give a lot, BUT take the majority. Thats not being selfish its called being Wise! Give a person what you know they can handle, because sometimes you can give too much, the person would not even know what to do with it and that my friend, is not good for their self growth. I believe in steady pace, patience and humility.

I hope this message has blessed you today have a blessed day




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