Tuesday 17 November 2015

Trust Issues


First perhaps we can talk about the outfit, nothing special but recently, I have had quite a few gifted items that I just wanted to put together. I have many types of style but typically, some skinny jeans and pointed heels is what I like to rock if I feel like looking casual yet sophisticated.

Now lets talk about Trust Issues. We all have them, and I am not surprised as I am sure a lot of us have been disappointed by many people at some point our lives. But what about trust for ourselves?
A lot of the time we think we are just not good enough. In fact, even now, I can catch myself comparing myself to others and assume the effort I put in is not good enough. So I find myself always trying to look for better or alternative ways to catch up. I believe in improvement of course, but what I believe we must all learn is to not think our efforts are in vein. No we are not always right, but we are not always wrong neither. Most of the time, our assumptions of ourselves is that we cannot get it ''right''. Lets not forget, our version of wrong may be right to someone else and vice verser.

As a woman, I think it is important to learn to become our own best friend and trust ourselves. Discipline plays a key role, if we can discipline ourselves, trusting our own instincts and intuition becomes so much easier. Following our hearts becomes so much more easier. And essentially as a woman you become a power house with so much dignity... knowing your every move is the good and best move for you. 

Trusting others is a different story however... The thing is, most people are battling their own personal trust issues with themselves so to put 100% trust in somebody is not the smartest move. However, I believe God puts some people in our lives to hold our hands and lead us into a destination that sometimes we may be too scared to go, because of our lack of trust. If you trust yourself, then if someone leads you and you are unsure wether to trust them, at least you trust yourself enough to know wether you are in a danger zone! 
I am learning to not hold back too much when having to trust someone, and therefore in a lot of cases, I put in at least 50% of trust for others, leaving me with my heart to tell me the rest. 
The key thing is, to get what you need and what is good for you. 

There are many back biters, liars and thieves. Bottom line is not everyone you can trust, but I do not see anything wrong with putting a lot of trust in yourself if your path is well disciplined and put in order. Avoid the messy ride of pain and hurt from others by trusting yourself first. 

Photos: William Adaosi- www.vitaephotography.co.uk 



  1. great post ,I love this look so chic!

  2. Love the read on trust issues, God knows we all have them. Learning to trust myself is harder than it sounds, yet doing so is how we will achieve our set goals.

  3. girl you look gorgeous! slay!


  4. You are on point when you say "we are not always wrong". I think this has been one of the biggest lessons for me in 2015



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