Wednesday 11 November 2015

Your Instinct will tell you! | Motivation

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My loves, I feel it is only right to write how I feel at a certain time in a post. Right now I am feeling so inspired to touch on a subject that sometimes even now I get confused with.

What is your instinct? 
In my personal explanation, its like that inner voice, or even the Holy Spirit telling us the core truth over a situation or a feeling we may have. A lot of us have been hurt in our lives, if not by somebody, but at least been disappointed by a situation in which has made it difficult for us to trust.
The truth is, if we have trust issues over everything, in most cases we would never learn how to trust ourselves.
I would be 28 in less than 2 months, I am still quite young, I have just one child and I have lost a couple, I am married and I plan to grow more in life to become a better woman than I am today. In many cases, I thank wisdom and age as it has prepared me to confront so many situations that leave me facing the truth and wether I should follow my instincts.

I am such a sensitive person. In a lot of times it has worked against me, but at the same time it has worked well in my favour. Being sensitive allows me to look deep into a situation or even a person and know wether it is for me or not. This is what I am talking about in regards to letting your instinct tell you. Your instinct will tell you, sign that contract or not, your instinct will tell you, go out to that party or not. If I can count the number or times my instinct has told me to not trust something and later on, seen the outcome IF I trusted it and how it could have led to my downfall!
Now, don't get me wrong, sometimes, I have followed the wrong voice, and have suffered major regrets after, but there is nothing that I have never learnt from.

I have had opportunities come my way.... sign that contract, do this collaboration, work with this person, go here, go there, and although in many cases I like to test the waters, as I have developed myself and my brand, I no my limits and I know IF ONLY, I listened to the wrong voice, my progression would not have led to my success. Your instinct would tell you wether you are about to miss an opportunity or not. It all starts from knowing who YOU are and what YOU want.
I don't mean to sound at all proud... but I know my worth. I know what I have worked for, I have high standards and expectations, and the least thing I want to do, is sell myself cheap.
I am valuable. One of a kind. Unique and admirable. With all of these qualities in yourself, the least thing you need to learn to do is understand your instincts.
I like to walk, I do not need to run. And at a given opportunity if I need to be a cheetah, I will! Your instinct will even tell you if a certain opportunity is going to be your last. An example is my husband. He came quick, and could have left quickly. A few men approached me before he came, but... they just weren't right. As soon as Ambrose came into my life, I knew if I didn't act quickly, he would have been gone, and it would have been another long rollercoaster to find someone like him.

My journey to growing Chanel Boateng is also a prime example of my instincts constantly at work. Sometimes I would film an entire video perhaps 'ranting' or speaking on a subject that perhaps is controversial, then taking it to edit, and then that voice tells me, this is not a good idea! And I delete the file and carry on with my normal makeup videos! I have had certain people ask me for collaborations, we would even make a date for it, and then something gets in the way, and I back out. I look back and say... if ONLY I stepped into it... who would I be now? Where would this brand be... I have had a few management firms approach.. Chanel sign this contract... and of course, its always enticing... but then, I back down. And this is not giving up or refusing to commit to things.. its honestly just being wise in my decisions and understand whats right for me. Many many MANY brands have approached me, offering me free things, money, brand ambassador position and then... I refuse. As I said before, I like to walk, I do not need to run! Not everything you take, not everything you have to give into. What is right for YOU, who are YOU?

Throughout my journey also, God always would put the right people in my direction. Many are even from this blogging community... and of course, there are also those who come to your path with bad intentions. Be vigilant, watch closely. Who has got the better thing to offer, who wants to steal from you. It is unfortunately dog eat dog in this world, have your eyes open. I never like to say trust no one... there definitely are some people you can trust... its just that you got to have the understanding of your instinct to know wether you can trust them or not. More importantly, learn how to trust.

Chanel x



  1. great post Chanel,I needed this to get some motivation

  2. Great advice you make me feel like my life will become amazing oneday your on my list of people to meet one day.

  3. Great advice you make me feel like my life will become amazing oneday your on my list of people to meet one day.

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