Thursday 14 January 2016


Well... I guess this is my 'New Year New Me' post then!
Its a fresh start for me. Wednesday morning and I came right back to the office to finish off where I started. The end of last year was with a bang. Hello... I launched my OWN line. And as much as you just see 3 pair of lashes and a 12 brush set, this was the biggest thing for me. I know what I am talking about from where I came and started. I feel I have come a long way.
So, I am 28 years old. I became a woman a few years ago of course. But is it strange to say its just THIS year where I have felt grown? I mean, I feel mature now... 2015 was the year of so many responsibilities and organising them and I did not realise I had so much! When I was a little girl and I used to day dream, my mum would say to me, what is wrong with you, do you have children or a husband, you do not pay the bills.. snap out of it! And the reality is, it is my life right now, I am a wife, mother and an entrepreneur, running several business, with bills to pay.
Whilst responsibilities and being an adult can become extremely overbearing and stressful, we have to face them. Hence the reason why last weekend away was so important for me to acknowledge that. So now I am back in my real world. Living my dream as an Online Content Creator, Makeup Artist a Cosmetics brand owner. A dream I never even aspired to have but I guess this is where my path lead to and I love it!

I have not filmed since My Depression Story on my YouTube channel. That was uploaded a few days before the New Year. Whilst away over the weekend, having my spa treatment I deserved at The Hotel, I could not help but drift into thoughts on how I would tackle my life when I returned to London. Any time I feel I am transitioning into a new level in my life, I feel the need to break. So right now, I am just pausing, because I feel I have to come back with a higher level and excellence. A few subscribers to my YouTube Channel have asked me when is the next upload, knowing I post twice a week and haven't since late December... my answer at the moment is when I am ready! YouTube can take so much of your life, I enjoy it so much, but sometimes, I feel it is so important to take a breather and work on the next best thing. Personally, I feel my content needs an upgrade, and in order for me to do that correctly, I am not posting a video until my implementing stage is complete. So there will be changes... changes in my content. Whilst I grow, I expand, my mind also grows and I would like to share that with you... my video 'I love Older Men' is somewhat an example of where we might be going on the channel, with of course the uplifting videos, beauty fashion and typical lifestyle content. My branding is changing. I would be hosting a new blog end of February, my lifestyle has also upgraded.. I am enjoying more of the finer things in life and as I grow as a woman, I want to share that with you. I have quite a few life changing sponsored posts and brand collaborations approaching. I think right now, I am going through a huge shift.

Now for me, the hugest shift and change I need to make is who I let around me. There is no room for draining out the goodness I worked up in my life. Bad conversations, stand offish people, opportunists, burners, users and fake promises is not welcome in my life. I am keen on people who have a commitment to be great and stay committed. That has a lot to do with friendships as well. Everyone has something great to offer- and I am open to support and work with anyone with great potential, however its probably just now I can truly understand- business and friendship does not work. Last year, I engaged in many conversations, spent some time with a few people, got to know and see different characteristics, and I have found in all of this... how much I am so keen on walking with the same people who share my vision in life. I need grown, mature women who I can have grown talks with. I want to talk about making money, success, building futures, sex, men all that a grown woman can handle without feeling nervous. 
I am excited to share with you more of these changes, I feel a video coming on explaining a few of these life changes. 

My trip away has given me a deep insight to the direction I want to move my entire life. Which includes my business, my blog and YouTube channel, my personal goals, home and lifestyle.
Thank God for loyal friends! Whilst I constantly moan about the burners out there, I honestly have to appreciate and be content with my tiny circle because they give me LIFE! My main change is my drive about everything you see online. In about a month or so, my entire blog is changing... I know you would love it. I want to keep this blog modern and relevant. This blog is going to be about me. My life. Things I love, the things I hate. Its a documentation of my travels, my home, food, fashion and beauty, business and a little personal of course.



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  2. Yay!!! Can't wait to see these changes!! We are almost the same age (few months) but I've always felt you were much older. I'm talking about maturity not looks lol.

    The past is the past and those things have made you the strong woman you are today.
    Anyway, you are def. an inspiration to me and I wish you the best and all the blessings!!

  3. It's so refreshing to read this post! For so many years I have felt quite similar and I think I am correct in thinking that time is over for me personally, you and many others! Thanks for sharing! CP xo

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  5. Hey Beauty!

    Very proud of what you've accomplished thus far and the woman your are working tirelessly and aspiring to become. I've been watching along for some time now and praying that God continues to use you as a source of inspiration especially for the younger generation here in London.

    Looking forward to the changes Hun and yes take your time, we will wait!

    With love,


  6. I can't wait to see the changes, I've been a fan for a minute and have seen you go from strength to strength

    Well done Hun xx

  7. Love love love this post! Nothing excites me more than a woman taking stock of her life, regrouping and relaunching herself. I am (and I dare say we are) on this journey with you my dear, and nothing can stop any of us now. Reach for the stars and we'll be right there to witness it and push you forward. There are no limits to what we can achieve once we put our minds to it.

  8. It had been a pleasure to have been witness to your journey so far and I look forward to seeing how you evolve. I think it is dope you are taking the time to focus on yourself and only want to upload when you are ready, this way you will always be authentic. Life is all about learning and growing and when you do the universe releases your next level to you.. Keep climbing girl!

    - Quel Paris

    Blogging @


  9. I'm so excited for you!! It's great to have a break and do you for some time. You look gorgeous as ever girl

  10. Chanel, Happy New Year!

    Coming from an old lady of 50, your experiences definitely signify changes and growth taking place in your life. As you grow into your success, your circles will transform and shift, and the tight, small circle of friends you have will remain your rock. Those who remember your struggles, and who have stayed genuine and authentic with you will always be there.
    Continue to keep your vision open toward the blessings God has for you; you have worked hard, and you deserve it.
    Keep on being the inspiration you are to all of us gals out here, younger and more mature alike!

  11. I can't believe I' watching the volution of this beautiful woman right before my very eyes. So inspiration. Makes me wanna just go fix my life and study harder. I would so love to get my hands on your make-up brushes, but thanks to these poloticians and economists, the Rand wont let me flourish.For me it would would be an opportunity to support black business-women. We need more of you. God bless.

    Mvumikazi ~ Urban Mnguni ~

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