Saturday, 23 January 2016

Fluffy Girl

The statement is in the title of this blog as well as the inspired outfit. I am a, what they like to call a 'fluffy' girl. I am chubby, round, cute and cuddly :).
This is my first outfit post in my New room, which I can not wait to give you a full tour of. I am so happy with the all white turn out as it is definitely needed as an upgrade in my personal space.
This gorgeous dress can be played with, I can make it look casual with a lovely pair of knee boots, or I can play it classy and dressy like how I have here with a faux fur clutch bag and gladiator sandals.
What I love about this dress is how warm and cosy it feels, it is super thick and perfect for this season, it does not give that itchy feeling neither. A trendy biker jacket would work well with the outfit, and like I said before, you can make it casual and wear with cute white trainers or plimsoles to play with it abit.

Dress: Missguided
Bag: Asos
Heels: Missguided



  1. Love the dress! It looks so warm and comfy. You look amazing, can't wait to see the new room. If I had this dress I would definitely pair it with this clutch too or maybe a white crocodile leather clutch. I absolutely love mixing different textures. Great post Chanel!

  2. Fluffy and cute. You look great in that dress honey. I hope something similar finds its way down the Southern hemisphere as the season changes.

    Urban Mnguni

  3. Love this look, those shoes are amazing!!! Always enjoy your posts.

  4. Love the outfit 😍

  5. You are so pretty channel. Lovely outfit...
    What camera do you use for your blog photos and who took these pictures? xo

  6. I really love this outfit it looks beautiful on you.


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