Tuesday 12 January 2016


Well, here we are. 2016, and its only now I am here with my ‘New Year, New Me' blog post! Whilst most New Year posts are about resolutions, goals, aspirations, kicking out bad energy and more, my New Years resolution is completely about (as vain as it sounds) my fantastic weekend in Brussels! 
For me, I just desperately want to share with you my wonderful birthday weekend. I had the most phenomenal time away for the weekend in Brussels, Belgium. This was my first trip to Brussels, and it was well worth it and well spent. 
Most people go to busy cities such as Brussels, Paris, London, New York to shop, venture out, explore, however, in all honesty, this trip meant so much more than the material things in life. It was so important for me to clear my head, as the best way for me to face the new year was for me to clear my space, relax, take a break, and enjoy life.
Since I am a January baby, the New Year always starts after the 9th which is my birthday.
I went to Brussels intentionally with 100 Euros in cash, a few clothing items, my phone and my camera.
This weekend trip has taught me so much, from literally being in a stunning luxury hotel for 3 days I have pulled so much inspiration on what I really want to do with my life. 
I did not know how much is really out there in the world for me until I took this break alone, without my husband or my son or a friend and I just needed that, and at least my good friend Mrs Grey who is currently in Belgium shared these moments with me as we are kind of at similar pages in our lives right now. Anyway, before I make you cry... lets keep this post light hearted and I would show you some snap shots from Belgium trip.

The morning of my birthday, my best  friend Danielle sent me a voice note singing happy birthday (50 cent style) and insisted I take candid shots of myself in a white robe and a fresh face because its only right to! Unapologetically, I of course already took these shots and here is the result. 

Thank you for my birthday photo shoot from my dear friend Mrs Grey! Her husband is a photographer and in all honesty, its not her hobby or passion but I am starting to think he may be able to pick up a few hints from her! lol! 

Chocolate anyone?
What is Belgium, without Belgium Chocolate? My only birthday present from my friend. Not a surprise at all, I normally don’t get presents as I am born straight after Christmas. Its something I have gotten used to and hence its important to spoil myself with a vacation of some sort!

As mentioned, this is indeed (just) a birthday post. However, can we just go away from that for a second? You meet amazing people when you travel and for me, 2016 is definitely the year I expand my horizons. I would not go into too much details in this post about how we connected but I believe it is something spiritual and completely destined. We met whilst I was out in New York last October. I instantly connected with her, like she’s my soul mate! She made my birthday perfect and my time in Brussels would not have been complete without her around me. I feel she has contributed greatly into the new inspirations I have now and going forward and I cannot wait to meet up with her again! You can check out her blog here: www.greydynasty.com

So what was my fashion like whilst I was out? Honestly, as I said, I packed just a few items, its cold like in England in Belgium right now so I had the essentials including these boots, handbag and leather jacket and scarf.

Speaking of fashion....

I did not realise at all how much Brussels is a great fashion district. The Hotel I stayed was The Hotel, Brussels, right by a street called Waterloo and on that street alone I visited Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Tiffany and Co, Hermes, Jimmy Choo, Versace, the list goes on! My Hotel..... The Hotel, Brussels. I loved it! Amazing staff, great service, great food, perfect views, a spa, fast wifi, spacious, bright, minimalistic decor rooms, just ugh... amazing! Highly inspired by Fashion, there were fashion books everywhere, fashion photography, magazine and art. It was so cool and modern, I highly recommend it!


Your birthday is so important. Its another year of life, I just feel it is so important to celebrate it. I was once in a point in my life where I would never celebrate my birthday, because I was told its not necessary... thats a complicated story for another time! Celebrate your life, even with little means, even a cupcake with one candle and a little prayer to mark your blessings is well worth it!



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  2. Hi Lady Chanel, what a poignant post! I loved reading every word, sentence and paragraph. You are an amazing woman and getting to know you has so enriched my life. You are my blessing and I cannot wait to see how much further we will walk together. Cheering you on, Mrs. Grey 😘

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